Tonight was the underworld ball, by the time I had got to my room my dress that Hades had had made was hanging on the back of my door. The dress was nice I really liked it when I put it on, it fit me and who I was. It had a red coat that stopped at my rib cage With sleeves that opened up and blossomed out almost like a flower and with a red bow on it, then the core or body of the dress was black with crossed strings going down it, and frills underneath were red, and there were these boots that looked like my boots but they had more of a heel on them...I guess this would be more of an occasion for heels and to be more girly. I had also decided o style my black hair with red stripes a bit differently (like the girl in the picture.) I let my bangs hang out, but since my hair was so enormously long, I still had it tied up but I had it tied up into what could be too pony tails on either side of my head and held it together with a big clip that looked like a red rose.

I had also asked Ashtcher if he'd go with me and be sort of a date I guess since we'd be practically the only humans there....why not? He had met me in the middle of the hall as I was walking down he looked sort of different all dressed gave him a more gentle look. The colors of red and yellow blended perfectly throughout his jacket,and the jacket itself wasn't a normal one, it was left open because where the button would be were instead chains connecting the sides showing his white collard shirt underneath, and chains attatched the opening of his sleeves, where I then saw he was wearing black gloves.

"Well you sure clean up nice," I smiled.

"So do you." he returned the smile.

"where did that earring come from?" I asked when I noticed the diamond earring in his right ear.

"Oh this...just though it would be a nice touch...too much?"

"No no, it looks good."

"Well," he said and held out his arm for me to take. "we better get going before Hades blows his top off."

When we reached the underdrome, Hades had already started some speech while countless demons and monsters were standing around listening. Hades had said my name and gestured to me as the honored guest and how i'd put him on the map. After he finished his speech, he came over to me to greet me.

"Glad to see you wearing the dress...are you sure the charity case is a good choice of date?"

"He's fine, Hades."

"Well if you say so," Hades shrugged. "Remeber kids have fun." then he walked away. As the party went on, pain and panic were to themselves messing with the hydra this time. "Don't you two mess anything up again!" Hades scolded as his hair went up in flames.

I giggled at the scene as Ashtcher patted my hand to get my attention. "Do you want to dance?"

"No that's fine, we don't have to."

" I want to."

"Really, it's fine."

"Do you not know how to dance?"

I felt embarrassment wash over my face, not because of what he said but the fact that he said it and I started to blush. "'s not that...I just don't."

"What? the fearless Ayame can't dance?"

"I said that I don't not that i couldn't!"

"Why so defensive?"


"Come on, scared to dance with me?"

"No!...I just...." I knew he thought this was funny, he was getting to me and kept stringing me along.

"Come on Ayame, prove me wrong..."

"It's not that I...I've just never really...."

He smiled gently, "Never thought you could be so vulnerable over something so small."

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