Chp 33:

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We pull into the parking garage and climb out of the car, "What has you grinning?" Asks Tessa. "Come here." She creases her brow and slowly walks towards me as I pull something out of my pocket, "Give me your hand." She extends her hand and I place a pair of keys in her palm.

She looks down and then back up at me, confusion still on her face. "I'm confused, what is this for?" I tilt my head and she looks to her right, her mouth falling open. "Wh-what is this?", "It's your new car.", "Nick! What? No." My lips twitch into a slight smile.

" a Mercedes. No, Nick...I hope that you're joking." I fold my arms and sigh. "Does it look like I'm joking?" Her lips purse and she stares at me. "This is a joke, right?", "Tessa...I don't joke." She looks at me with bemusement. "Alright, sometimes I do...however, this is no joke. Those are the keys and that car is yours." She shakes her head.

"Why?", "Happy Birthday." She still looks absolutely baffled. "Nick, my birthday isn't for another week." I nod. "I'm aware.", "No, I can't take this...this is jus-" I cut her off. "Tessa, this is your car no matter what you say. End of discussion." She pouts, looking down at the black keys in her hand and then back up at me.

"Thank you." Her eyes soften and she steps closer to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. "You're welcome." I say in a whisper. "This was the surprise." I nod. "I have one more..." Her head tilts. "It better not be a house..." I laugh. "Would you like a house?" Her eyes widen. "No!" I wink.

"Do you want to test it out?" I ask. She nods and we climb inside, her eyes fixate on the steering wheel for quite some time before the car even turns on. "Are you going to drive it or admire the texture of the steering wheel?" She squints at me before starting it up. It was about time.

We pull out of the garage and drive through the streets of Manhattan. "How do you like it?" A wide grin sets on her face. "I honestly love it. Thank you so much." I nod. She looked extremely happy which made me happy.


I can't get over this, the whole situation. The car was a stunning sleek white SUV with a cream colored leather interior. This was all too much; I was still in utter shock. "Check out the GPS" he says as we reach a red light and I look from him to the GPS system. It was so nice.

I begin to click the buttons when I notice that a location is set into it already. My brow furrows. "Click it.", "Wha-where does it lead?", "Well it wouldn't be surprise if I told you." He says giving me a wicked grin. He had a point, I click start and it begins to navigate me.

The amount of time it will take to reach our destination is about thirty-five minutes. "Nick, where am I going?" I say truly confused and curious at this point. He says nothing and keeps his eyes locked on his phone, he was doing something-texting somebody. I roll my eyes and groan as I continue to drive.


After what seemed like forever I began to notice that I recognized the location. The GPS tells me to make a left and follow the long path, it was a long dirt path-my stomach was beginning to churn and I had no idea why.

It tells me to make a right and I drive up a slight hill up to another path. "You have reached your destination" says the GPS. I look at him as he gives me a cocky grin. I park and climb out, the smell-I knew it. He extends his hand and I lock the car as I follow him.

Holy shit. I knew this place, walking down another path; we come across a long dock of boats. The yachts. "Follow me." I nod and I follow him towards the yacht.

Oh my god. This boat, he helps me up and into it and I cover my mouth. Memories come flashing back to me as I remember our first date here. It was when we had first started...getting along.

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