Chapter 19

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Mira's POV
"That was awesome!" I yelled as we put on our cloths on over our bathing suits. We were going to go to CoCo Key today so we wouldn't be around when the boys woke up. We tried to leave as early as we could but it didn't open until 10 so we were just going to drive around till then.
"I wish I could see their faces when they woke up" Rina said.
"No you don't cause they'll be pissed."
"Oh ya. I guess you won't be able to hang out with you're new friends for awhile." She said, shrugging with a giant smile.
"Oh how I'll miss them." I sighed dramatically.
"Ya sure you will." She scoffed.
"Haha any way lets get going before they come kill us." We ran out the door and to Rina's car. I didn't know where we were going but I didn't care. So far, today was going pretty well.
I laughed at Rina's stupid joke and followed her up the stairs to her room. Today, we just went from random place, to random place and it was really fun. I had totally forgot why we were avoiding home though.
"AH" Rina yelled when she opened her door.
"What is it a spider?!" I yelled and reached for my shoe.
"No it's even worse." She whispered.
"What's worse then a spider?" Since she still hadn't moved from the door, I pushed past her and saw them. Jay and Jacob were sitting on Rina's bed and were staring daggers at us. Oh crap. They still had faint traces of our beautiful artwork on them.
"You guys are dead." Jacob threatened.
"No we're not" I said calmly.
"Oh yes you are." Jay said.
"Go ahead and try. See how we react." Rina said, just as calm as me. Jacob took a step towards us. Rina and I looked at each other before screaming like they were actually killing us. The boys winced.
"Ok alright I won't touch you. Gosh" Jacob said and rubbed his ears.
"But you will pay." Said Jay. They both got up into our faces and I was about to scream again when Jacob said "You have just declared a prank war. Welcome to hell ladies" he pushed past us and walked out the door. Jay winked at us and smiled evilly before following him.
"Oh." Rina said
"Crap." And I finished.
"What have we done?" She asked me with a panicked look.
"I don't know but we better start prepping if we wanna live through this." I said.
"I don't think there is any living through this." She muttered.
Just then, both of our phone buzzed, telling us we had text messages. Mine was from Jay and said "Watch you're backs" Rina's was from Jacob and said "There'll be no mercy."
"I have a good feeling that I know who this is from." Rina said.
"Don't you mean a bad feeling?"
"We're going to die aren't we?"
"Yes, yes we are."
"Ug what have we done!" She plopped onto her bed and I followed.
"We acted stupidly like always." I said.
"That should just be our motto 'act stupid, don't think'"
"Ha it's not just a motto, it's our life"

Mira POV
I was woken up on Monday when someone yelled in my ear.
"Mira wake up!!" What a great start to a crappy Monday.
"Hmm go awayyyy" I was about to pull my blanket up closer to my face when I was pushed off the bed.
"HEY why'd you do that?" I looked up to see Rina with a panicked look. I looked at the clock and saw it was 6 o'clock. Two hours before school and one hour before I was supposed to wake up. This better be good.
"Look in the mirror." Was all she said. I got up and walked over to my mirror. Written on it with red lipstick was 'let the games begin.' I was assuming it was from Jay and Jacob.
"So what they bought red lipstick and wrote on my mirror." I said and shrugged.
"No look at yourself in the mirror. More specifically look at you're hair." I looked and saw I had a bright pink strip in my hair. I turned around and saw that the ends of rinas were pink. Rinas was more noticeable because of her dark brown hair but mine still stood out a lot too.
"I think we look good. What's the big deal?" I asked and went to my closet.
"What's the big deal?? Mira have you seen our hair!"
"I like it. Now you can go get it dyed back to its normal color if you'd like but I'm keeping it like this."
"Ugh whatever you're impossible." She basically growled at me.
"This won't go with anything." Rina whispered to herself.
"Oh I get it now. You're afraid all your new friends won't like it. Well listen here miss prissy pants, you're turning into a boring block and I don't hang around with boring blocks so you need to choose who you are." I don't know exactly what happened but I kinda exploded.
"Who I am?" She stared at me like I was nuts. Maybe I was.
"Are you the Rina who acts childish and does stupid things with me or are you miss prissy who hangs out with popular people and acts like a stiff? Choose now because I'm not gonna sit around and wait for you." I stared at her in disbelief as she shrugged her shoulders and walked towards the door. Just as she was about to shut it, she turned back to face me.
"Have fun with the bad boys because they're the only people stupid enough to hang out with you." With that, she shut the door and left.

I wasn't mad. I'm sure she had her reasons, wether they were good or bad. I was mainly just broken. Rina was the only person I really trusted and she just left like I was nothing.
I stared at the door for awhile in shock. When I finally processed what had happened, I burst into tears and curled up into a small ball on my bead. My heart felt shattered and I felt like I had just went through a breakup. After a couple minutes, I stopped crying and started to think. I need to act like nothing had happened. I need to dress and act like I own the world. I need to be better then her but still be the same me. Hmmmm... I could go with the badass look, the usual look, or the slutty look? I thought back to what she said before she left. 'Have fun with the bad boys.' Oh I will Rina, and you're gonna regret it.

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