Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 9]

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The night air was cool. I pulled my hoodie a little bit tighter around my body. Whatever the reason Nick needed me this late at night better be good. I was a block away from the park and would be there in any minute. I looked up at the sky to see a full moon. Never a good sign in scary movies, I thought. Just then a dog started barking. I picked up my pace a little bit. Calm down Mia, its only the dark. You've done this tons of times. I said to myself, panicking a little bit. I could almost see the park. Once closer I was able to make out a figure on the swings. I walked straight over feeling the fear seep away as I see Nicks smiling face.

"Hey!" He says swinging a little bit.

"Whats going on?" I ask sitting on the swing next to his.

"I have something to tell you."

"Well Duh." I said glancing at him while pushing myself on the swing. My parents use to bring me here all the time. It was the best experience ever when I was little. My father would push me and my mother would laugh and take pictures. It ended when I was 6 because I fell off and broke my leg. Ever since I was afraid to go very high on the swings. Never came back here with my family again.


"Huh?" I asked snapping out of my memories and back to reality.

He laughed his sweet full hearted laugh. It made me smile in response. How could I feel this way about someone?

"I said, Its about Morgan."

"What about her?" I asked and was surprised to hear some jealously slip through. How stupid was I? He doesn't even talk to Morgan. Could he possibly like her? Oh NO! What if he did? She is prettier and so much more outgoing than I am.... Stop it Mia! I shook my head and looked over to see Nick staring at me.

"You okay?" He asked stopping his little bit of swinging he was doing.

"Yeah, Sorry just tired and don't wanna go to school tomorrow." I sighed, rubbing my head. " Okay... As you were saying... Morgan?"

"Yeah...Well, See don't get mad please."

So he does like her!?!??!

I looked down at my fingers and whispered "I promise I wont get mad."

"Good." He took in a deep breath and blurted out what hes been trying to tell me from the beginning. "Corey's Cheating on her."

It came out in a rush and I snapped my head back to him instead of looking at my fingers.

"What?! How do you know?" I asked and I knew I must look bewildered.

"The locker room..."

Geesh, Does everything go on in the boys locker room or what?

"Okay, Start from the beginning." I said my full attention on him.

"Well, I was talking to him in the locker room about.. well you. We had practice earlier today you see. And the coach wants us in tip top shape for the season. He said its going to be our year." He said in his best Coach Car voice. It was actually pretty fantastic. "Anyways, I was talking about you and he was telling me all kinds of stuff... this is kind of embarrassing.... but... I just wanted to know more about you, and I was afraid to ask to many questions. Oh man I'm off subject again. Morgans name came up and he was saying all kinds of things about her. That's when he told me about Chelsea."

"Chelsea as in Chelsea from Franklin High school? Our rivals and the head cheerleader just like Morgan?"


The air threw my hair into a frenzy but I didn't care. All I cared about was Morgans feelings and the way we would get back at this girl and just then it hit me. What did Corey tell Nick? Did he tell him about my plan against Adam and Ryan? The wind kept blowing and I shivered but not from the cold. Oh no, it was from my anger towards Corey and fear of what Nick knows.

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