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It was a Monday morning like any other. The sky was clear, and the sun had already risen. The wind was blowing a little, but Vanessa didn't mind. It was September, so it was hot. Little Vanessa was walking with her grandmother Katy down the street. They lived in a small apartment in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. The distance between the school and the house was about a 15-minute walk. So in a couple of minutes, they would reach Vanessa's school, and that's what happened.

"Bye, bye granny! I love you!"

"I love you too, honey."

Katy hugged and kissed her goodbye. Vanessa was watching her grandmother leaving with a big smile on her face but when Katy turned right she saw something, in particular someone, in black. Her smile left from her beautiful face. Vanessa also saw the person in black. The bell rang for the kids to go into their classrooms. A kid ran in front of her and she got distracted. She looked again in the direction she saw the person, but nothing.

"Vanessa! Come inside, please!"

She turned around to see who called her name. It was Ms Layla, her teacher.

"I'm coming!"

Vanessa started walking towards Ms Layla. The teacher entered the classroom and so did she. Before she closed the classroom's door she checked again to see if the person in black was there, but nothing.

The bell rang. It was 1:30 pm. The time passed quickly. Her grandmother was waiting for her outside the school. She started going towards her. While she was walking, she looked up as the clouds started hiding the clear sky and it started getting cold a little.

"How was the school today, sweetheart?" Katy said as she grabbed her hand and started walking.

"It was okay."

"Did something happen?"

"No, it's just that I saw a person all in black today and I got distracted because a kid about my age ran in front of me but when I looked to see the person I saw nothing."

"Well, that is quite odd my little one." She said in a soft, trembling voice.

Katy started walking faster than before. They didn't say another word on the way back home from school. Vanessa found that strange as her grandmother would usually talk to her about her music works. If only she knew what was about to happen next.

They arrived home. Vanessa went to her room while her grandmother went to cook. She left her bag next to the old brown wooden desk and sat across it, next to the window. Birds were flying and singing a beautiful harmony with joy, even though judging by the weather, it was weird. The sky now was grey from the clouds and it started getting darker and darker rapidly. Vanessa looked at the clock and it was only 1:45 pm. It made little sense. Vanessa was looking through the window until she heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen.

"Grandma!" she shouted while running towards the kitchen.

Katy was lying on the floor, bleeding a lot. It looked like someone had shot her multiple times, but in reality; nobody shot her. It was awful for Vanessa to watch her grandmother like this and she started crying next to her.

"No, no, don't cry my baby, don't cry it's alright. Everything will be alright," she said trembling and continued: "You are not safe here anymore, Vanessa. After you said to me about the person in black, I called a friend of mine while you..." Katy started coughing hard for a little while and Vanessa held her hand. "You were at your school." She finished her sentence." Listen to me carefully Vanessa, in a couple of minutes Alexander will come with his wife to take you in. They will protect you from the person you saw this morning, alright?"

"But granny why? What is happening? Who shot you, granny?" Vanessa said loudly while crying. "I don't want to lose you, grandma! Come with me!"

"I can't. My time has come. I need to leave this world." She placed her hands now full of blood on Vanessa's cheeks and her lips on Vanessa's forehead. Vanessa started crying harder than before. "Now I need you to do as I say. Go to my bedroom, open my wardrobe and open the cabinet that is on the left side. The book you'll find will answer almost every question you might have alright?"

Her voice started fading like a colour-watered drawing. Katy is now dead. Vanessa started screaming and crying while hugging the only family she knew she had. She got up, still crying from this terrible loss, and did as she said.

She sat next to her grandmother with the book. The book was a regular size, not too big or too small and not too heavy or too light. They made it of leather in red colour. When she was about to open it, a man and a woman appeared out of nowhere. Vanessa got scared and crawled with the book under the kitchen table. The man approached her and said:

"Hello. You must be Vanessa, am I correct?" Vanessa nodded affirmatively.

"I'm Alexander, but you can call me Alex, and this is my wife, Eliza. We are Katy's friends, your grandmother's friends did she mention us?"

"Yes," Vanessa said, with tears running down her cheeks.

"Come on now let's get out of here ok?" He gave his hand to her and they approached together Eliza.

"Hello Little Vanessa, I'm Eliza"

"Hi," Vanessa said, trembling.

"Now let's go," Alex said while holding Vanessa and Eliza and they disappeared.

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