Chapter 17

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Rinas POV

I was in a sound sleep till I heard my alarm clock start beeping.
"Uggg." I groaned as I got out of my very warm, very comfy bed. I stood in my cold room thinking about what I needed to do this morning. I remembered that Mira and I were in a fight and I went over to my vanity and started putting on my makeup. I didn't need a shower because I took one last night after I got home, so I could come down and think about what my next move was going to be.
I put on some foundation with mascara and some eyeliner. I looked at myself in the mirror. I need to add something to my look. Then I remembered I had some silver eyeshadow I'm my drawer. After I finished my eyes and put on a little lip gloss, I ran down stairs and grabbed an apple and ran out the door to my car. I didn't have to pick up Mira up so I would get there a little early but oh well.
I pulled in my parking spot and turned off my car. I took a deep breath and got out of my car. I spotted Shannon and some of her friends and Matt. I walked over with a big smile on my face.
"Hey guys!" I said as I entered the circle.
"Hey Rina." They all said somewhat together. I then looked around to see Mira walking past us with Jacob and Jay. Mira quickly looked over at me then started walking faster. I looked at the guys and knew they caught Mira looking at me, then they looked over at me and I waved. Jacob was looking at me like he was checking me out, it was probably because I wore really short shorts today, and Jay just looked confused. Mira came back and hit both of their shoulders then they all walked away. I had to hide my laugh. I turned back to my group and had no clue what they were talking about. Thankfully the warning bell rang and we all rushed inside to get our books and go to our first class. I slep through my first class then didn't pay attention to my three other classes be fore lunch. Matt and I walked through the line together then he asked me to sit outside with him.
"Sure." It was a nice day so why not go sit outside with a cute guy.
We sat at the green, painted, tables.
"I would like to get to know you better." Matt said to me. A smile broke out on my face and an almost identical on appeared on Matt's face.
"Well what would you like to know?"
"Everything." he said which made my simle get bigger.
"Well I have two older siblings, Josie who is 30 and Robby who is 26. I have a dog named Scooby. I listen to just about every kind of music except metal/hard rock ect. and jazz and clasical. um..." the rest of lunch went on with us going back and worth about our selves and our families. I learned he has older twin sisters, that he plays the drums for a band, and he is on the football team. Wow this guy is awesome. I just wish I could talk to Mira about him

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