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So I feel basically screwed I have some thing trying to bust my doors down. And there are still...wait I didn't check the other cameras than the stage. So I pull up the camera and went to the second show stage and... Oh even better more animatronics to deal with.
So I shuffle through the rest of the cameras and find that there are a total of EIGHT. This doesn't seem like my cup of tea. But Bonnie has left my door, and hopefully went back to the stage...but no never yes always unpredictable but I can live with her for Now at least she's just making her way around a little cycle but my power is draining really quick. So once she leaves my door again I check my camera and now for the first time she is back to her spot in the old show stage.
And then suddenly the lights flicker on and I check my watch and, thank god its six!
I double checked the camera where the animatronics were standing at the beginning of the night, and they were so I guess my shift is really finally over.
It feels weird though knowing I have to come back tomorrow night. So I come home and want to tell my parents how crazy this job is but I can't... It's obvious no one is going to believe what just happened an hour ago. But I'll wait until the morning and see if I can't get out of this job.
So my folks woke up and after breakfast I explained how the job conditions weren't good and how I really want to find another job maybe closer to home. But of course my parents say no,I talked to them even longer desperate to have something better than now. But yes still I've talked them down to one last week of work, but then I have to apply to a Job right after I quit or something. But for now... Hello new life of near death experience.

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