Sit With Me?

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       "Can I sit there?" Josh Michaels. The coolest guy in the entire school says to me. I awkwardly point to the seat next to me at my lonely lunch table. I had no words. I couldn't speak. "No. Where you're sitting." I got up and sit down on the chair next it. Wow. Josh Michaels wants to sit next to me! "Can you find somewhere else to sit?" "What?" I asked still floating with the clouds. "Can you move." He said. He said it like he was asking a question. But I knew he wasn't.
That's when I figured it out. He very clearly didn't want to sit with me. He wanted my seat. My whole table for that matter. I guess I'll be finding somewhere else to eat lunch today. I got up and walked out of the way so he could sit down. All of his friends sit around him snickering at my idiocy.
If only I hadn't been so out of it I would have been able to think of a comeback. I could've stood up for myself. Of course I didn't. I leave the cafeteria knowing no one would want me to sit at their table.
I make my way down to the library to see an unfamiliar face. "Hi!" I greet them with a smile. I probably should do something social today. It's an older lady who is standing behind the counter where our librarian stands. "Hello!" She said warmly. "I'm Ahmilie." I introduced myself. "What a pretty name! I'm subbing for Mrs. Williams. I'm from the middle school." I look at her puzzled. "Are you new at the middle school? As a librarian? I visit in the library often, and I've been in the district for my whole life." "I've been in the middle school for over thirty years! I'm not sure if I remember you though." I'm sure I would have remembered her. "I'm going to sit down and eat my lunch now if that's okay." "Of course! Enjoy. Let me know if you need anything okay?" I nod and sit down at the table puzzled.

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