Chapter 6

Peter's POV

"Peter, what do you think about the new project proposal for our Washington building?"


I was brought out of my thoughts by my father's words. I kept drifting back to my new project in the Mid-west. OK. I guess I had to admit that it was Julie. My thoughts kept drifting back to her.

"Do you understand the risks? Peter?"

"Yes Dad. I think it will be a good investment. Especially since we are near finishing the two in California. I think we should have a few more hotels on the West Coast. It's good to be expanding there."

"Peter," my father leaned further on his desk as I sat across from him. "You don't seem fully here. In fact, you haven't been fully here during a lot of meetings since you returned to Boston."

I sat back and crossed my legs to hopefully put my father at ease. That's the one thing that always bugs me about him. He could always tell when I was bothered by something. "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm distracted by our new project in Illinois."

"It's going well though?" My father crossed his hands together, only something he did when he was concerned. I recognized it from when I went to school.

"Yes, I think I've got a very good assistant in charge of the project. I just keep drifting back to what needs to be done there." Or rather, the person in charge of making sure those things get done. My mind pictured an image of Julie, in her green sweater thrown over a blue and white polka-dotted blouse. Her fresh face is accented by red lipstick and blonde bangs swept back as she smiles at me from the other side of my desk.

"Peter? Did you hear me?"

"Oh, yes Father. We're doing well, right?"

"Yes, people are starting to travel more locally, and that is helping in an increase for bookings on both coasts. This is helping our figures balance so that we will have quite a budget for new acquirement of properties for this year."

I nodded as my Dad continued on about how well we were doing. I just couldn't seem to focus on the budget for the rest of the year. I kept drifting back to a small town in the Mid-west where a certain assistant was, hopefully, waiting for my return.

I was beginning to realize I was going to have to do something about my wandering thoughts. I think the summer was going to turn into something a lot more interesting than I suspected it would be. I started to smile.

"Peter, I'm guessing from your grin that more investments in the Mid-west is prudent."

"Yes Dad. I think I know the perfect mansion to be our focal point to explore new property prospects." I imagined the face Julie would make when we made a few field trips this summer.

Julie's POV

"Do a spin. I want to see that dress from all angles." Mark pointed in a circle as I did a 360-degree turn.

I couldn't argue. Once Mark got an idea in his head, it was best to follow along. Besides, I was due for a few new outfits. That's why I found myself in the middle of the Macy's Juniors department trying on dresses and separates outside the dressing room, and Mark acting as my personal shopper.

He came up to me and straightened the shoulder straps on the dress. "This color looks great on you. You are definitely a hot pink girl."

"When will I ever have a formal dress event?"

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