Chapter 15

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Mira's pov:
"IM A GOOFY GOOBER YA! YOURE A GOoFY GOOBER YA! WERE ALL GOOFY GOOBERS YA! GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY GOOBERS YA!" I was singing at the top of my lungs to the famous song from Spongebob the Movie. It was on Nickelodeon and being the child I am, turned it on. Even though Spongebob was really stupid and annoying, I loved this movie and could probably quote the whole thing.

My mom and sister were out shopping, my dad was still at work, and my brother was at practice. It was just me, Spongebob, my dog, and a bag of chips now. Normally, I'd go over to Rina's house after school but after the way she was acting, I stayed home. I was very upset with her and she knew I had a short temper so I don't know why she was being such a bitch to me.

I was snapped out of watching Spongebob when I heard my phone buzzing. I looked and saw it was Rina texting me. 'Open the door' I knew it either wasn't her, she was really mad, or she was here to apologize. Rina always just bursts into the door. I went to the door and opened it to see her standing there. She was slightly smirking, wearing a black skirt, pink shirt, many bracelets , bright pink flats, and her hair was curled with a headband in. I looked at her in confusion.

"Come on loser, we're going shopping." She quoted one of the best movies ever. Mean Girls. I immediately knew what code word she was using and smiled. I ran up to my room and put on the same outfit she had on. Whenever one of us said that, it meant that we would dress in girly cloths and go shopping. Every time we've gone, it's because one of us was in 'desperate' need of something. I ran back downstairs and saw her watching the movie I left on.
"Really sponge bob?" She asked.
"Yes really" I stuck my tongue out at her. We walked out and got into her car. She let me pick the station which was unusual. She always wanted to listen to country and I always wanted pop. I wonder why she's being so nice.
"So where are we going?" I asked.
"Off to buy stuff for our next prank." She said it as it was obvious.
"But why in these cloths?"
"Why not have a little fun while shopping. Plus we will fit right in at where we are going." I didn't know what to say so I stayed quiet. I knew something was off with her but I couldn't figure out what. This wasn't her making up for earlier, it kinda seemed like she had anterior motives.

We wound up going to Target. It was one of my favorite stores because of all the interesting people you meet. On the way there, we decided that the prank would be that we were gonna fill Jacobs room with those colorful plastic ball things from the ball pits that we always played in. We were going to wait till Jay was over though, so we could prank them both since they both technically pranked us last time. They would never see what's coming.

Rina was acting weird though. She kept pointing out cute guys while we were shopping. This was normal, but this time she would strut up to them and attempt to flirt, which was very strange for her to do. If I weren't so irritated at her, I'd be laughing at her stupid behavior and make fun of her for being such a clique bimbo girl that we always made fun of.

We were talking to some decently cute guys and I noticed one of them kept staring at my legs. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable in my short skirt and tried to pull it down. I didn't like when guys stared at me.
"See something you like!?" I demanded. My patience for assholes was running low today.
"Ya why wouldn't I. You two are looking fine today." He winked at me. Next thing I knew, my fist was aiming towards his face. Before I could hit him though, Rina stopped my hand. She gasped and scolded me. I tuned her out and started day dreaming. Normally, she's laugh at my attempt to punch a guy whose way bigger then me. Heck, normally we wouldn't even be talking to guys. Instead, we would usually be playing with all the random toys in her and running around like little kids. I wonder what's gotten into her today.

Rinas POV

Mira and I were at Target talking to some really cute guys dressed in our girly girl outfits. These guys are actually really cool and I didn't have to hit them with an M&M to meet them. I'm in high school, I can go up to a cute guy and talk to them if I want. I caught one of the guys lookin at Mira and her trying to pull her skirt down a bit to cover more skin.
"See something you like!?" She demanded
"Ya why wouldn't I. You two are looking fine today." The guy responded with a smirk on his face.
"Aw thanks." I said to him. Then I saw Mira pulling her fist back to punch the guy right in the nose, I grabbed her arm right as she was about to send it flying .
"MIRA!" I yelled at her
"Feisty. I like it." The guy said.
"Asshole." Mira said as she turned around and walked away. The guy stared at her ass the whole time. I quickly scribbled my name and number on a piece of paper, told the guy to call me then ran after Mira.
"Mira! What was that for?"
"Those guys are Dbags with a capital D. They are the kind of players we used to read about in books without them actually falling in love. They want one thing and you know it. Why did you even go up to them? You are acting like the kind of girl we make fun of. What the fuck happened to you it's the first day of school and you are already acting weird."

"Are you done with your little rant now?" I asked then went on with my own little rant. "Cause I know have one of my own. I went up to then because they were cute and cool and most of all I wanted too. I can do what I want. If you didn't want to go over there you could of said so. What has happened to you all of a sudden you are all buddy buddy with dumb and dumber. AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU AT LUNCH? YOU WANNA ANSWER THAT?" I had gotten louder and louder as I went on and now a bunch of people were staring at us. I grabbed a few things we would need for the prank then checked out and we got in my car and it was silent the whole way to Mira's house.
I finally spoke up when she started to open the car door.

"Bye." She didn't answer just got out and slammed the door. Omg this is our first real fight in like ever. You know what this isn't my fault it's hers she let the stupid guys come between us. She should apologize first. Cause I sure ain't. She can kiss my ass.

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