Chapter One 

   Cold air nipped at my bare skin as I made my way out of the house and to my beat up 1983 Chevy Pickup my dad bought me last year. I let a sigh escape my

mouth,watching the puff of smoke enter the chilled air and float away. I chipped a piece of rusted paint off of the door as I dug around in my pocket for my keys. Retrieving

my keys, I yanked open the door and slid inside, quickly shutting the door and shoving the keys into the ignition, yanking them forward and listening closely as the car

burst to life and a loud roar erupted from the truck.

   I rubbed my arms before bringing the seatbelt over my shoulder and latching it. I put the car into reverse and pushed the gas pedal and drove out of the

driveway. Switching my car into drive before pushing hard onto the gas pedal and speeding off down the road. I watched the city lighs fade as I made my way into the

country side, watching fields whiz past by me. A beat up sign in a patch of overgrown weeds read Clovertown, a small city close to mine that, if speeding around 70 miles

an hour, you would go right through without noticing, in about two minutes.

    I parked my truck on the side of the road, looking at the small building in front of me. Big red lit up letters reading, "Gram's Grocery" glowed dimly on the rooftop

 of the building. The lights flickered several times, threatening to go out at any moment. I slipped out of my truck and strolled over to the glass door, heaving it open

and making my way inside, out of the bitter cold aired night. I looked around, not understanding why my mom would want me to pick groceries up from here instead

of Walmart or Marsh. I shrugged, taking in the old worn out store it smelled of must and stale food. I scrunched my nose up at the smell and walked over to the aisle

labeled 'Dairy.' I grabbed a gallon of 2% milk, groaning at the fact there was no skim like mom had wanted, then grabbed a package of Krafts Singles American Cheese

before heading out of the aisle and going to the cereal. I snatched a box of Cornflakes from the shelf and made my way farther down the aisle. I snagged a bag of Doritos,

along with original Lays potato chips before leaving the aisle and sitting my items on the counter.

    An elderly woman, probably in her mid 60's approached me, a smile wrinkling her cheeks. Her greyed hair shined in the lights above, and her sparkling green

eyes showed kindness as she looked me over. She rang my things up, sitting them in plastic bags and tapping a pruny, petite finger on her keyboard. "Ten dollars,

sweetheart." She said, her voice thick and tired. I snatched up a ten dollar bill from my pocket and handed it to her. "Here you go." I said with a gleaming smile. 

   Returning the smile she grabbed up my bags and handed them over the counter. I nodded to her in thanks and made my way out the door, hovering outside

 the door, I shivered and frowned. I felt bad leaving the poor old woman here alone, who knows what could happen, but glancing at my cellphones clock, I decided I should

probably go before mom and dad got too worried. It was already 7:20 P.M. and mom wanted me back by 7:30. I hesitantly walked towards my truck. A blast of cool air hit

my back, causing me to spring forward towards my truck and yank the door open, nearly breaking the old door off. A laugh escaped my lips as I slipped inside the car and

slammed the door behind me. I shivered a harsh, body clenching shiver before starting my truck.

    The truck slowly roared to life, and I looked down at my gages, slamming back in my seat when I saw the gas gage nearly on E. I cursed under my breath,

 putting my car in drive and riding down the road to find a gas station. I turned down a street marked North Oak, shivering at a beat up, worn down building, a sign in

front read, 'Dever's Memorial Home.' An icy finger sent shivers done my spine. After I stopped shivering I shook my head. How pathetic could I get? It was an old memorial

home, so what? It's not like something would jump out and drag me into it or something. A silhouetted figure shining in my headlights brought me out of my thoughts,

I slammed on the breaks and veered off the road and into a ditch. My truck leaped in the air, sending me out of my seat and causing my to bump my head painfully on the

roof, then sent me bouncing as it crashed and flipped serveral times. My head whizzed and my mind blanked while my stomach clenched up and sent bile up my throat.

   When the trunk finally stopped, I looked out of the window, notcing everything upside down. I closed my eyes, feeling the blood beginning to rush to my head, and a sharp

 chirp sound in my ears. Tears escaped my eyes, and I hoped the figure in front of me would come to my rescue, but after several minutes of waiting, I blacked out, the

figure never coming to help me.

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