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Recap: Paparazzi and fans. I screamed as I saw one of them jump towards Justin and I then was blinded by millions if flashes.


"massie" said Justin right before we were mobbed get out ad get the security guards at the door the'll reconize you. And help" I nodded although he culdnt see me and pushed my way through the crowed. I was even hit afew times.

I glared at them and found the guards. They swore and ran to help after they had let me in.

I was in a grande room it was huge with 2 crystal chadelirs and huge carpets. The walls were painted and I took it all in spinning round slowly.

"amazing ain't it" said I voice I turned around. There was Leah Michel. My eyes widened and I nodded. "you must me massie" I nodded again.

"hey lee when's the massie girl coming??" I looked around Leah and saw chris and Cory. My eye widened again and Leah turned around.

"hey guys she's right here" just then the door behind me opened and justtin and Joe came pouring dodging for paparazzi.

"jeezes" muttered Joe and shook him self straighting out eyes clothes. Justin knodded at me and then look over me at Leah, Cory and chris.

"so you've met" he said.

Sorry I havnt posted ub a while un having myself force me to tmright this. So I promise nore will come . If ur having sniwfays hope ur having fun

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