(2) Freaks

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"And then she said 'Make sure to capture my best angle' after she webbed them up"

"Really? What did she sound like?"

"Gentle, but at the same time so full of energy, kinda familiar if but she left as soon as the cops showed up so it's not like she talked much"

The two voices went back and forth, going over the events of the day before. Nearby, Gwen Stacy was storing her things in her locker

Every now and then, she would look at these two students, Peter and you. You were showing Pete the pictures you had taken during the incident at the fair

And Parker being the dork that he was, wanted to hear all about what happened

But Gwen found this adorable, so she preferred to just listen for the time being

"That must've been so awesome"

"We were getting robbed by a bunch of guys with guns, so that wasn't so fun, but when she showed up? Yeah, it was pretty cool"

Peter sighed as he looked at the last picture, showing Spider-Woman making finger guns at the camera

"Man, now I regret not tagging along for the fair"

Then, you put your hands on your waist and frowned at him

"Oh yeah, just because Spider-Woman was there"

Pete looked up to see you angry and immediately got nervous because of it, raising his hands in surrender

"What? No! You know I love to hang out with you guys too! I--"

He was cut off by your laughter, soon finding himself surrounded by your arm

"I'm just messing with you, Pete. I know you hate crowds, honestly, I do too"

Parker laughed at this, but he was still thinking about how it would've been to be there. Being as subtle as he was, you didn't take long to pick up on that

So you let go of him but placed a hand on his shoulder to grab his attention

"But hey, don't be sad. New York is pretty big, but Spider-Woman has a knack for showing up exactly where she's needed, I'm sure you'll cross paths eventually"

His eyes lit up at the idea, especially when it came from someone who had already seen and even talked to the hero

"You mean it?"

The girl's voice caught your attention. She closed her locker before looking at Peter

"Hopefully your life won't be in mortal danger when it happens, but yeah! I think so too"

The bell rang and Peter handed you back your camera, thanking you for showing him those pictures before sending them to the Bugle

The three of you made your way down the hall to reach the classroom and while the chatter continued, Gwen was already scheming

Even when you had reached the classroom and sat down, her mind was focused on something else

Gwen had been Spider-Woman for just two months but she had made quite the impact, hell, she unwillingly became Peter's idol

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