90 Day Fiance

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Uhhh, so... If y'all want like a whole story about these two then let me know. (Not in COVID times) 

It's been three months since my Scottish boyfriend of a year and a half and I have been able to see each other face to face. He said that he'd text me when he lands but I haven't heard from him. I had my phone in my pocket with the ringer on and I tried to do little things to pass the time. I had laundry going in the dryer, I've swept like three times, fixed the blankets and pillows on the couch, took my dog Lip for a walk around the park that's down the road and went to the grocery store to get a few snacky things. I walked out with chips, bread, a few Peace Teas, goldfish crackers and a jar of crunchy pickles. 

I had just got the groceries away when Lip started barking at the door. 
"Lip, what are you barking at baby?" I asked. Kirby, my cat, meowed at the door too. The two of them chat with each other all the time. Lip kept barking. 
"Phillip. Stop barking," I said as I got up. Lip looked at me and then looked at the door again and barked. Just one woof as a heck you. 
"Lip, do you need to go pee again?" I asked and he huffed and ran at me, grabbed my sleeve and dragged me back to the door where I saw my boyfriend standing there with a massive grin. 
"I was going to go and try and spook you but Lip got excited," Benneit said. 
"Y-you said that you'd text me when you landed," I said looking up at him. He shrugged. 
"I wanted to surprise you," He said and I smiled and jumped into his arms. 
"Consider me surprised," I said and kissed him. 
"God I missed you," He said and kissed me again. He never gave me the chance to reply. Every time that I'd pull away to answer he'd kiss me again and let me tell you; it was just, wow. He put my feet on the floor and he moved away from my lips and smiled at me. My face had to have been thermonuclear. My jeans have gotten a little uncomfortable since that kiss and as we sat on the couch together, it got harder to focus on the conversation that we're having with his fingers gradually going further north on my legs. We're sitting together on my loveseat. I'm sitting on one cushion facing him with my back against the arm facing him with my legs open and resting on his knees under his arms and he's sitting crisscross on the other side looking at me. My knees are basically resting on his and so the source of my discomfort is very accessible.  

"My mother wants to come for dinner at some point as well. She still thinks that this is your first time here. She doesn't understand that it's been a year and a half of visits and such," I said and he kept running his fingernails up and down the inside of my left thigh and his other hand is resting on my right knee. 
"It'll be nice to have dinner with the four of us. Any idea when?" Benneit asked. 
"I said that it could wait until you get settled in a little more so maybe next week," I replied as his nails went up. I fought the urge to squirm. 
"That sounds nice," He hummed and looked me up and down. 
"Indeed. And you might be forced into a family dinner," I said. 
"Oh? With your parents and siblings?" He asked. 
"Yeah. And my cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and both sets of grandparents," I said and he smiled. 
"That sounds amazing. Do you remember our first night?" He asked as Kirby jumped up on me. 
"I do," I replied quietly and petted one of my fur babies. 
"Want to recreate that?" He asked. I nodded and he rubbed me through my pants. I gasped and Kirby turned around to swat Ben's hand. He laughed and brought Kirby into his lap and Kirby just turned into a purring puddle like usual. 

"If Kirby is going to swat me every time I make you make a noise then I think we're going to have to go elsewhere," Ben said. 
"That and I wouldn't expose their innocent eyes like that," I replied with a smile. He smiled at me and like always, he took my breath away. 
"Then we shall travel upstairs," He said and got up. He helped me up and we went upstairs to the bedroom hand in hand. He shut the door behind us and pushed my back against it. 

"New rule. Three months is too long to stay apart," He said looking into my eyes. 
"Agreed," I said and we kissed. It wasn't the soft, I miss you kiss that we had earlier. No no, this one was more desperate. His lips left mine for a split second and my shirt was gone. Then his. Then we moved to the bed and pants gone, underwear gone and he started to open me. It's been so long. 

"Please Benneit, I need you," I panted. 
"I know baby but I don't want to hurt you," He whispered against my shoulder. 
"Kiss me?" I asked and he did. I hugged him as he kept opening me and he pulled moans out of me as I finally got to hold him and feel him again. He's here, he's mine, he loves me, I love him and as he broke the kiss I could only look up at him with love. 
"Are you ready?" He asked. 
"More than," I replied and he gently entered me and I couldn't help but smile. He smiled down at me. 
"What are you smiling about my Bryce?" He asked with his handsome smile. 
"I'm just happy that you're here again. I missed you so much," I said and he leaned down and kissed me. 
"I'm also so happy to be here. If I have to leave again I think I'm going to cry," He commented. 
"You cry every time one of us leaves," I said. 
"I know and I hate that we always have to separate," He said, "May I move?" He asked. 
"Please do," I said and he kissed my neck and started off slow and gentle. I cupped his face and just closed my eyes and smiled. I sighed in pleasure and opened my eyes. He gripped my hands, entwined our fingers, pressed our palms together and pinned my hands to the bed above my head and let out a little chuckle.

"Are you laughing at me?" I asked with a smile. 
"I'm just in so much awe that this isn't a dream," He replied. 
"It's ah~ most definitely not a dream," I replied and tilted my head back. I looked up at him and laughed a little bit as he thrust into me and I gasped and squirmed. It was his turn to laugh and we both laughed together. 
"You're really here," I whispered looking up at him. 
"I'm really here with you," He replied and kissed me. He had just barely adjusted but when he pushed into me again, he hit the right spot and I gasped and wiggled and squirmed as I was suddenly really close to cumming. He sped up and whispered sweet nothings and kept hitting my prostate we kissed and it was pure bliss. 
"Ah~ Benneit," I moaned. 
"Cum with me, my sweet Bryce," He whispered and holy hell did I ever. He pushed right into my prostate and I arched my back. 

"There we go my little dino," He said and I looked up at him and gave his hands a little squeeze and smiled again. He smiled too and we both started laughing. 
"I love you so much, dork," I laughed. 
"I love you too and this dork is all yours! Also I loved the dino onesie," He laughed. 
"I know you did," I laughed and we got cleaned up. We got into PJs and left the door open for Kirby and Lip to come and go. And by PJs I mean I had one of his sweaters on with boxers and he has PJ pants that I got him a while ago. I got them in Algonquin Park. They have moose, bears, beavers and fishes on them. They're red with the black animal silhouettes and Algonquin Park, Canada on the upper left thigh. 

"Ahh, it's so nice to finally lay in bed with you again," He commented as I laid my head on his chest. 
"I finally have my favourite pillow back," I said with a smile. 
"I'm so glad that I could be of service to you," He laughed and Lip jumped up on the bed. He was aiming for the spot that's usually open but instead landed on me. He's not a little dog. He's a one hundred and forty-eight-pound dog. That stepping on you out of nowhere isn't fun. Lip is a Leonberger. He flopped over the two of us and relaxed. 
"Are you happy Lip?" Ben asked and Lips tail started wagging, "I'll take that as a yes." Kirby joined us and just as Ben put his hand on the back of my head, the door opened downstairs. 

"Bryce?" My mother's voice called and there was another voice talking to her. 
"The luggage is in the garage, I wonder if they're out?" My dad's voice asked.
"Who's that?" Ben asked and then I remembered that I don't have pants on. 
"My parents," I said and we really quickly got dressed and went downstairs. 

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