"How about you sweetie?" She looks at me.

"Oh, perfect! I met so many friends and everyone is so nice and perky I love it!" I say so sarcastically it hurts. Everything about this place sucks, just one nice thing, one thing that will make me not hate this town.

"Oh, that's nice sweetie." she keeps eating, wait did she think I was being honest? Wow, moms so oblivious.

I looked to Jake to make sure I wasn't going crazy and he was shrugging and holding in a laugh.

After that dinner was super awkward, Jake and I decided it would be fun to mess with Mom and just answer sarcastically until she caught on, she never did.

Jake had dishes duty tonight so I walked up the stairs ready to chill on tumblr and listen to music.

I opened up my door to my room, moonlight coming through the balcony window. I walked over to it in the dark, not wanting to ruin the vibe. It was so pretty, the stairs dotting the sky like jewels delectably placed in a cloak of darkness.

I never really got to see the stars, the city was always too bright, it was never quite like this, never dark and mysterious, never, gorgeous.

"Beautiful, huh?" A deep voice behind me snapped me out of my trance and gave me a heart attack.

My hand reached for my chest and I tried to calm my breathing, "God, Ave, calm down, it's me." Brett stood up from off my bed and walked over to me.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I whisper in between breaths, still reviving from being scared shitless to be mad.

"I don't know, I got bored and wanted to hang out..." He looked up at the sky outside above the balcony while running a hand through his hair.

"So you broke into my room?" I ask shocked finally breathing regularly again.

"Um... yeah?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly but still somehow made it sound like I was an idiot for not expecting him to break and enter.

"Wanna?" He gestured to the balcony while looking at the stars, he had a look in his eyes I couldn't quite place, but it was pure.

I couldn't deny it, that glisten drew my interest. "Sure."

I don't really know what's going on, he's like two separate people. It's really confusing and I don't like it.

"Come on princess." okay it's him for sure, annoying nicknames? Check. He had a throw blanket in his arms from off my bed as pulled open the balcony window.

I followed him, I hadn't been on the balcony yet, for lack of need I guess. He sat down on the cold floor and he waited for me to sit.

I didn't think this through well, I'm still in the crop top and yoga shorts and it about 40° below kill me. He wraps the blanket around him and opens his arm for me to sit next to him an be enveloped in warmth.

I really at this point don't care if it's a part of his player boy tactics, I'm a damn Popsicle so I sit down next to him an he wraps his arms with the blanket in his hands around me.

I sigh in warmth and my muscles relax. We sit at the edge, his legs dangling above the pool and mine Criss cross applesauce, just like a kid.

"Do you do this a lot?" I mean the stars, I turn my neck down to look at him.

"Nah, I don't have a balcony, but I wish I could." he smiled still not looking down from the sky above us.

"So you're a starry eyed nerd?" I bite my lip and smile. He finally look down at me grinning a little then he glances at Mason's house then back at me.

"Shh... don't tell the boys." he laughed his deep blue eyes looking like the stars they so closely admired.

"Secrets safe with me." I laugh and cross my heart for good measure.

"Averyyy! What are you doing up there?" My moms voice rang as the footsteps up the stairs grew louder.

Brett and I flash each other a look of pure panic. What my mom would do if she found the neighbor in my bedroom is something I don't want to find out.

"Quick hide," I grab the blanket and wrap it around me and push Brett into the corner of the balcony where there is no window so you can't see it from the bedroom. My mom is normally chill but when you get her mad all hell breaks loose.

As soon as I come in from the balcony my mom barges in, "What's going on up here?" She asks not entering my room and just peering in.

"I was just looking at the stars outside." I said honestly, just keeping out the part that I was with our hot neighbor, wait. Did I just call him hot? Ewwwwwww.

"Okay, just making sure you're okay." My mom smiles and leaves, when I know the coast is clear I yank open the sliding door to let him in.

"Come here loser." I motion inside. I guess it looked like I was offering a hug though because a 6 foot tall teenage boy came up and wrapped his arms around me, shivering like a leaf.

"I thought we were gonna get caught." He exhaled and pulled away from our hug. "I'm gonna go, see ya Avey." he tries his leg over the balcony.

"You know for a bad ass, you're a real pussy." I tease as he reaches the floor.

He blows me a kiss and I laugh waving goodbye.


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