Chapter 32 - Pierce's POV

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It was the first time I dreamt about Olivia after she walked away from me. Everything was dark and blurry but I could sense her presence. I felt her soft hand on my cheek as her thumb tried to sooth them. Then, I felt her warm lips touch my forehead and it lingered there for a bit before she let go. It was a nice feeling but I didn't want it to end yet.

Trying to reach out and grab her wrist, I couldn't see her but I knew she was there.

"Stay." I called out.

She didn't say anything as she tried to wiggle off from my grasp. I held on tighter hoping that this dream wouldn't end. This was the closest encounter I've had of her in weeks. I felt incredibly at ease for the first time in a long while. She whispered something but I couldn't make out the words she was saying.

Waking up to the incessant ringing of my alarm, I squinted as the light from my window blared through my curtains. I noted to myself that I should get thicker and a darker material for the drapes. I groaned as my head pounded in immense pain. To be honest, the whole time after I had read my father's letters had been a blur. I only remembered fragments of what I had done these past few weeks. I ran off to London drunk. I made my mum cry. I was an angry person to everyone at work since I hadn't been sober. Basically, I was a douche the entire time.

I didn't know how I got thrown out of the club last night. They probably thought that I had enough to drink. Remembering I had called someone for help though. I slowly got up from bed, massaging my forehead from the headache. Quickly noticing a glass of water and an aspirin sitting on my side table, I reached for the glass as I popped the tablet in my mouth. The water felt cool on my throat.

Wait a minute...

Looking around, I found that my suit jacket was folded on my dresser chair as my shoes were also neatly placed beside it. Someone was here last night. I rummaged for my phone inside my pocket, pulling it out and looked through my dialed contacts. My eyes widened as I saw Olivia's name on my screen. Hoping I didn't drunk dial her and told her something really stupid. Last night wasn't a dream at all. She was here with me. But why didn't she stay?

I was tempted to call her right then and there. But I knew it wasn't right. I was a drunken mess as you could tell. Sighing in exasperation, I got up to get ready for work. I took a hot shower to wash off the grime off of me which made me feel a bit better after. My headache somehow subsided. And surprisingly, I didn't hate on the world today. Knowing Olivia was here last night and that she still cared for me gave me hope. I needed to fix this. Not just for me but for her as well.

The day was sunny yet the cold air still nipped my skin as I drove myself to work. It was the first week of March and the weather was just bipolar. One day the sun was out and the next day it would snow for a period of time in a day. As I arrived to work, everyone scurried out of my way. Huh. I guess it was time to change things around here. I approached the receptionist, Brenda, and gave her a tight lipped smile. She was surprised at my friendly approach as she coughed to clear her throat.

"G-good morning, Mr. Alexander. How may I help you today?" She stuttered while she tried composing herself.

"Any calls for me?" I asked.

She gave me a nervous smile and took out a folder. Handing me the folder, she said, "These were all the calls that you missed since January. I wrote down their names and contact number so you could call them back. Also, noting the reason for their call. I included some reminders that needed your attention, sir. Most of them were from the board. They didn't sound too happy." She cringed when she mentioned the board.

I chuckled nervously and gave her nod. "Thank you, Brenda. I never knew I missed so much work."

She just gave me a sympathetic smile as I proceeded to head up my office. When I walked out the elevator, I sighed when I couldn't hear the coffee maker brewing or hear Olivia typing on her computer. I hadn't had the chance to hire a new assistant seeing as I wasn't myself these past few weeks. Brenda was kind of a temporary replacement since I diverted all my calls to the lobby. I didn't want to be disturbed then. Sitting down on my chair, I took a deep breath. I needed to sober up if I wanted to get things done. With that, I started opening the folder as I read that I needed to do a lot of things, groaning in defeat but worked on it anyway.

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