Chapter Forty (Part 2)

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(Y/n)'s POV

I felt like my eyelids were heavier than weights.I didn't know how to open it. As much as I want to open it, seeing nothing but darkness gave me comfort. In my head, my demons screams at me. This is no longer a dream (y/n). Wake up. And I did. I woke up. As my eyes adjust from the lightning peering through the window beside me, I looked.

All I see is a forest. As I finally regained consciousness from my deep, slumber sleep, my memories retained inside me. Panic burst through me. I slowly got up from the comfy bed I laid on, but only to feel cold shackles wrapped around my left ankle. It was connected to the bed, how nice.

And as to think I had lost my mind, I thought of the impossible and began helplessly pulling the chain, oh how to break it with my brittle (s/c) hands. While I was busy pulling the metal chain, I heard the door open as I meet the eyes I recognize, how they have changed with time. I found myself with surprise and loathing disgust. I honestly don't know what feels more sincere.

"You." Was the only word that came out of my lips. He came towards me, his eyes covered in tears that I never thought could happen. I backed away and was only doomed to be stuck on the wall. He climb on the bed with me as it creaks. My heart started racing as his face comes closer inch by inch in every second that passes.

I could smell the alcohol coming from his mouth, he was drunk. He looked at me, another tear falling off. I only look, not breathing nor looking away. "(y/n)." he whispered as he inch closer. "What do you want from me Le-" I was cut off as his hand squeezed my jaw. I tried pushing his arm away but he was stronger than ever, even drunk. "Shush, darling..." he smiled with his sleepy eyes.

My lips began to quiver as I suddenly flinched, his other hand squeezing my thigh. I touched his wrist that touched my thigh as I pushed it away. His hand tighten to my jaw, making me look up. I felt a force land me to the wall behind as I felt my tears coming.

I closed my eyes, feeling the sensation to my neck as he bit down making me jump but only for his other hand to bury into my shoulder, keeping me still. He lowered my head, wiping the tears off of my face but I did not dare to open my eyes. His hand brushed through my (h/c) hair as I felt a wave of shock when his lips crashes to mine. I could feel his tear stained cheeks brushing onto mine.

I finally took the courage as I pushed him away, gasping for air. I opened my eyes and wiped the tears off my face. "Go away Leo, you're drunk." I said sternly. He laughed, "I love you, (y/n)" he replied back, wrapping his arms around me as I slapped him. "I don't." I glared, "You're lucky I didn't kill you (y/n). Wanna know why? Because I love you," he took my hand and kissed the top of it.

"Would you love me now (y/n)? I'll kiss the top of your hand, tend your wounds and do anything for you (y/n)." he said as I bit down on my bottom lip. "You're not the one I knew before Leo. I've seen your most ugliest side. You did this to yourself." I clenched my fist. He paused for a moment and only looked at my (e/c) eyes. And after a few but intense seconds, he sighs. "I know, I know...but we can start over again (y/n). Come on," he smiled as he took my hand.

He pushed me up and off to the bed as he held my hand up and his other hand wrapped to my waist. "We can start over again, (y/n)" he chuckles as he started swaying with me side to side, the shackles falling off to the bed and to the floor. He came closer and kissed my cheek and breathe through my ear, "We can live here,  love. Have a mansion with a beautiful garden and two lovely kids, what do you say love?" He whispered through my ear as I pushed him away.

"I'd rather suicide," I replied back. "And I already found someone, Leo. What you call destiny isn't destiny, get off of your wild imaginations Leo." I snapped, but only to clear my throat and look away.

Leo sat down beside me as I felt his fingertips touch my (s/c) arms, stealthily going down to my hand. I looked at him as his eyes looks up, meeting mine. "Venus De Milo." He said, "What?" I replied back in confusion. "A sculpture, my love. Aphrodite," He answered as he roughly squeezed my hand. He smiled, "Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, darling. If I cut your limbs off, will you finally be the goddess I longed for?" He asks. I felt my hands go cold as I try to pull my hand away from his. He didn't let go and put his other hand to my throat.

He began choking me, I coughed and coughed as I weakly punch his hand. My consciousness began to slowly drift away. I curse, even in the midst of suffering. If I die right now, I would die with a bit of satisfaction. I felt my eyelids forcing to close and my desperate hands falling to my side, this is it. Finally. Freedom? As I thought death had came to pick me up, his hand pushed me to the bed, my head hitting the soft pillow.

I half-opened my eyes, my tears coming down to my cheek. "My love, don't cry."  he whispered as he wiped it away. I did not dare move as Sebastian entered the room, calling for Leo to come out. He stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I instantly wiped it away. When he finally left the room,  I burst out crying, my tears going down like a waterfall.

Am I alone?

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