it not art!!! maybe it was on the titanic but not here!!!!

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Lilys dress for the ball... here is the next chapter

Lily's Pov

So it was now Friday and I was at school again with Ethan on our art project he said we should draw naked girls. Typical right but that is not art it may have been on titanic but this is really life. Well, you know what I mean. My dinner with Charlie went good he was nice and he didn't ask me any questions on Daniel thank god. But I wanted to know more about how he knew him but I knew if I asked I wouldn't like the answers, it seem like I was stuck in this web and we all connect in someway.

There has been no sing of Daniel he hasn't enrolled in any classes but I still got the felling he was watching even if he wasn't there, Mia has started to get suspicious. I mean I would two if my best friend is running into her Ex who hurt her and is going to hurt anyone who cares for her, so I need to keep her away from this as long as possible the same with the guys I mean I may not like them as much as Mia but as long as they hang out with us the closer they get to getting hurt but I think they know that.

" Hey ... pissed ... Lily" I heard someone say my name then a paper airplane landed in my lap, I look up and see my best friend from across the class looking at me with a slight glimmer in her eye. Well now I know who the notes from, I opened it up and read,

We are going shopping tonight to get a dress for the ball -M 

SHIT, the Halloween ball, I really didn't want to go and considering what happened last week my history with party's aren't good. I look up at her and shake my head say I wasn't going. She chucked another plane at me; I opened it and read,


I smile at the sad face, I did promise but I really don't like the idea of dancing in a big dress it's not my scan, but it's not a party it's a ball so it won't be so bad and parents will be around. I look up and nodded to say I would. God I am such a good best friend.

We finished our last class and head to our lockers and change into some spare clothes we had.

" Oh I am so glad you are going the guys are going to be so happy," Mia says getting into her car, wait why would they be happy about it. They better not go I already don't want to.

" What do you mean they wouldn't go to something like that " I say 

" Well..." she says

" Wait no they are not coming you're joking ... wait Riley's your date I am going to be third wheeling Mia" I shout 

" I am sorry he asked me I said yes I forgot and he said Zoe is making Ethan go so I thought you could go with Charlie ... I mean he's cute and you two are really close " I give her the look

" So you have set me up with Charlie, really do you want my life to end and his " I say and cross my arm's, don't get me wrong I like him but imp not good with dates.

" Oh come on it wont end he's cute and besides it's not like Daniel is going to be there" she says as we pull up at the shopping center. Well she doesn't know that. We get out and go to the first store. Kill me now people I am about to be killed by Prada and Chanel  

" Wait I thought this was a Halloween ball why aren't we wearing costumes?" I ask knowing I wont be able to get out of it, I follow Mia around as she looks at dresses, really I just want to go to the food court or the bookstore I hate buying clothes. And why spend so much money on clothes when you could put it something useful, most of my clothes are from Primark.

" Well it's more like a masquerade so once we got our dresses we will go and get some masks okay... know come on you wont find anything if you just stand there " she chucked some dresses in my hand and pushed me to the changing rooms " try these on" 

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