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It's Bentonite Clay day, yay. This is what it says on my Nature's Choice bottle, "Bentonite has a large varied mineral content. It has negative electrical attraction for positively charged particles. In the human body, various toxic poisons are positively charged."

So basically it's magnet clay, that pulls out the nasty stuff from you skin (chemicals, impurities, etc.). Once it touches water, this stuff puffs right up. I'm a poet today, and I know it. Mine is cream in colour, and then there's also grey. Most people warn about buying the white (white not cream) one because it's crap – so avoid that.

We've had our, oh so educational, chapters on honey and rose water, and it's all been leading up to this moment. And other moments, but we'll get to them.

What you'll need:

1. Teaspoon of honey.

2. One heaped teaspoon of Bentonite Clay.

3. Rose water/ luke warm water 

What you do:

1. Mix it all into a thick paste. Mine usually feels like cooked caramel. If you want it to be thinner for easier application, add more rose water.

2. It will be a little chunky ( almost like homemade mash). However, I've noticed that once it stands open and breathes for a while the mixture becomes smoother. I'm guessing the chunks are there due to me not using luke warm water, but I prefer rose water. So I'll just have to deal.

3. Rub your face with it, avoid your eyes. ( Keep it on for 15 - 20 minutes.)

4. You can wash it off using water, or rub it off your face – if you're not too worried about losing some facial hair.

5. Keep the rest in a plastic container. You'll have more than enough for several applications.

6. Apply it 1-2 times a week. 

I add a tiny bit of lemon into my rose water, as it clears oils from your skin, to avoid spots and breakouts. Works as an exfoliator, removes dead skin and tightens it. For those of you with sensitive skin, beware. Using lemon too often may dry out your skin.

Note: I've switched to Turmeric masks, Bentonite Clay appeared to irritate my skin.

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