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the sexual tension👁👄👁I-

"Today, I'm going to put you into groups." Snape drolled, passively snapping shut the blinds. "Not physically." He grumbled to himself in an after-thought. "Apparently I'm not allowed to touch students any more."

Ron still wouldn't talk to me as Snape began sending people to different tables.

The groups were unsurprisingly awful.

My heart may have dropped when he said Hermione, Ron and Blaise were together, but when he said I was with Goyle, Harry and Draco, it had a small seizure.

I already knew Snape'd put Harry and Draco in the same one, he always did when he had the chance - I could only assume it filled one of his many sexual fantasies - but ME?


Me and Draco, who hadn't spoken since-

Me, Draco and Harry who didn't know and probably couldn't know.

Holy fuck what was I going to do.

As Harry made a scene beside me, I almost thought I watched Draco go into a similar state of panic. If he had, it was gone by the time he reached the table. He was stone cold resolute.

"Potter." He nodded coldly, leaning back on the cabinet behind our table.

Hermione must have looked up at us about a hundred times in the one minute before Snape said we could start. Her eye's were unblinking and nervous.

"Malfoy." Harry sullenly replied.

I didn't even hear what potion we had to make.

"Nitter." He nodded at me. His face gave no sign of last night as it bore into me.

The eye contact screamed sexual tension and my face flushed as I looked at the floor.

He crossed his arms smugly like he knew I wanted him to fuck me right here on the counter top.

"Dra-" I got even hotter, blood surging under my skin. "Malfoy..."

He did that face when he grins at the floor and I almost died.

Harry didn't notice.

My insides were surging.

Goyle stood silently in the corner as usual.

Snape watched everything from the front.

"You may start."

Malfoy leant back, knuckles heavy on the counter. His rings must've been cutting off his circulation at this point. "Potter you cut up the Moonstone and I'll-"

Harry stood there, hand on his hip. For god's sake. "Sorry, Malfoy, what makes you think you'll be telling us what to do?"

"Come on." Draco's eyes flickered to me. "You know I'm good in charge."

I may have wet my pants.

"Ay piss off Malfoy, you know  I'm the fucking Chosen One-" Harry interrupted, half joking but only half.

"Didn't you get a zero last week?" Malfoy discredited Harry without breaking eye contact with me once.

Harry fumed as he squished up some juices. "That wasn't because of my potion that was because Snape hates me. He LOVES you though, almost too much actually. Because you're here, I guarantee our team wins."

"Well that's just impossible Chosen One, cus I never come first." He said, the smallest smirk at his cheeks. "What about you, Lottie?"

My face was on fire. Fuck. He was turning me on so effortlessly. It had to stop we had another hour of fucking potions ahead of us and I was wet as a lake.

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