Chapter 1

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This chapter is dedicated to ataleoftowns. Thanks for the awesome cover on the side!

My mother was furious.

She always told me that for as long as I lived under her roof I was not allowed to permanently mark my skin. The only problem is I don’t remember getting a tattoo, sure that is usual for party girls that get so drunk the night is wiped from their memory, but I have never been drunk before, I came home from a date I woke up in the morning by my mother ripping my blankets off and her screaming bloody murder. The tattoo was on my heel, it only looked small and seemed to be some sort of plant like it was just sprouting.

“I thought I raised you better than this Elizabeth!” She yelled at me as she paced back and forth at the end of my bed. “You’re not even eighteen yet! Do you know what my friends are going to think of me when they see my seventeen year old daughter with a trashy tattoo?” she yelled at me.

I didn’t even bother replying to this because I know for sure that half of her ‘friends’ kids have tattoos that they got much younger than I am. Their parents were probably just as ashamed and wouldn’t mention it.

“Elizabeth! Are you even listening?” she snapped at me. She only called me Elizabeth when she was really angry.

“Mum I am telling you, someone came in through my window and put it there, because I defiantly didn’t do it willingly!” I told her clearly. I knew that story wouldn’t fly but it did make her extremely pissed off.

“You have never stepped out of line until now Elsa! What happened?” She asked softly sitting down on the end of my bed and placing her hand on my knee.

“Nothing has happened mum,” I said shaking my head. I pushed my clovers off the rest of the way and moved towards her to pull her into a hug. “I love you mum, I honestly don’t know where this came from. It wasn’t a drunken night tattoo it just appeared there in the morning.” I frowned at the look she gave me and shook my head. “Yeah, I know it doesn’t make any sense,” I muttered.

She stood up quickly and walked towards the door.

“Don’t be late for school,” she told me without looking at me at all, I watched with a scowl on my face as she disappeared down the hallway.

I pulled my leg closer to my face and studied my heel. I jumped up off my bed and walked to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and wet it. Swinging my leg up onto the edge of the bathtub I started scrubbing.

It wasn’t a stick on.

“What do you mean you don’t know how you got it?” Jazz asked confused.

“I just woke up with it,” I sighed as I closed my locked and leant against it. “I don’t even know what it is, it’s like a sprout or something I would never get something that stupid!” I said shaking my head. Jazz stared straight ahead with a confused look on her face.

“That is completely bizarre,” she stated before looking at her phone and pushing off the lockers. “I have to go, I have a tutoring session this morning,” she said giving me a hug. “I will see you in gym second period.” I waved goodbye to her, I knew she was struggling with maths so her teacher helps her whenever she has a free period.

“Excuse me?” a voice asked. My eyes flickered to the boy and blinked at him. He had bright, almost glowing blond hair and bright blue eyes. I could tell straight away that his skin can’t hold a tan because he was so pale.

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