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I'm out here grindin everyday making sure my wife and our child have everything they need. Maliyah been rocking with a nigga and I'm rocking for her to. I promised her and myself I would never put her through what her father out her mother through, I couldn't see myself hurting her because I love her to damn much, Not Judging or anything but honestly if you love someone and you tied the knot, your player games, your lies they end. I changed when I met Maliyah, she was a hard fish to catch too. And when I finally got her on my hook? I didn't want to let go. I'm not gone let go. I'm gone give my baby everything, Anything she wants and more because she deserves that.

I couldn't cheat on her if I tried cause the love we share is unconditional, You can't find that type of love outchea anymore. I admit, I was a player I was playing This girl in the beginning when I was trying to holla at Mali but Mali wasn't bout that. I respect her for that til this day!! That's why we men do what we do to these women because they don't have no SELF RESPECT, NO evaluation. They just open they legs and than get mad when we quit em:

Bitch. Ainf you the one who gave me the free pass? Come on now, Have a little respect.

I'm a ONE WOMAN man and that's my wife's man 💍 Maliyah Neverson 👰 Not only is she my lover and wife, She's my best friend, there wouldn't be so many years if we didn't have that special context.

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