Autumn A

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Today was actually my lounge day, I was sleeping good too until my big headed daddy pulled me out the bed and told me to get up

"Youngin, Get up. You ain't bout to sleep your pretty little life away" he said

"Daddy!! I'm tired. I been up all night" I informed

"What your mother and I tell you youngins about staying up on school nights anyways?" He asked me

"Dad, Can I please go to sleep??"

"No, you can go to the mall with your sister and take your mind off that bad ass boy from next door cause you ain't about to be his little girlfriend. He bad news."

"He don't want me anyways." I mumbled

"What's that?"

"Nothing, Daddy." I said getting out the bed

"Give me a hug and a kiss" he said

I hugged him and pecked his lips

"Na Gone, youngin"


When April and I got home, I went and wrapped up my hair and brushed my teeth and she was playing around with TJ on the phone and she called me and we joked around with TJ about his little date tomorrow. Meanwhile , ...

Whose Rayan? I asked smiling to myself, Or was That puffy headed ass boy just saying that to make me get in with me so he can move in on April, I wonder why she turned him down

"April?" I said

"Yeah?" She mumbled turning the night stand light on

"Why you turn down that boy?"

"Never give your number up on the first day. Mama taught us that, Keep them in suspense. Keep them in the dark, Let them Wonder about you, Like a Top Secret. We Dont Chase, We Replace"

I nodded, "Whose Rayan?"

"Don't know but, I'll find out at school tomorrow"

"Okay, Goodnight."


She turned off the light and we both went to sleep and I dreamed about Uncle Mel again.

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