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"Where your fine ass brother?" Autumn asked sucking her braces

"I don't know...Why?" I asked laughing

"Cause she gots the hot for him." Tay said

"Ew, you like my baby brother?" I asked

"Yeah, TJ is so damn fine" Autumn said

"Girl, He is way to mature for you. He is my daddy's son and he is a freak, he'll have you losing your virginity in a snap of a finger." I said snapping my finger

"Girl, I don't even care. He could get it." She said

"Ew, I'm about to gag. Let me talk to someone else cause that's just nasty." I said turning and looking at Tay

"Shit, I can't even eat my food na." I said

"Me either, Autumn you're such a damn freak. You so nasty! TJ would definitely have a field with you"

"I'm gone marry him one day, Watch" she said eatting her salad

"Girl, please."


I sucked my teeth and looked around and seen that one boy who be hanging with Chres

"Yeah? Princeton, right?"

"Yeah, damn you beautiful."

I smiled and flipped my hair, "Why, Thenk you"

"She get it from mama." Tay said

"Y'all sisters?" He asked pointing to all three of us

"No, they just my friends. That's my sifter coming up behind you"

"Hey y'all, Sorry MJ wouldn't leave me alone" she said sitting next to me

"It's cool"

"Oh damn, Yo. My boy Got crush on you." Princeton said looking at Autumn (my sister)

" Who?" She ssked

"Rayan but we call him Ray Ray."

"Don't know em." she said

"Here." I said handing her the other half of my subway

"Thanks" she said

"No Prob."

"Aye uh, Can I get your number?"

"Uhm, No." I said

"Wha? Why?"

"Cause she said so. Get to stepping." Tay said


Phone Convo with TJ:

TJ: I'm serious, April

Me: TJ, you ain't got no date. U ugly!

TJ: Bitch bye

Me: Lol, AUTUMN!

*Autumn sticks her head out bathroom*

Me: TJ claims he got a date tomorrow

Autumn: Pssh, bye

TJ: Man both of y'all mean as hell

Me: Haha, we love you too TJ

TJ: Yeah yeah, let me get in the house. I'll talk to y'all tomorrow at school

Me: Ugh forgot we had school tomorrow. Night bro

Autumn: NIGHT!

TJ: Night

I hung up and laid back on my bed

"I slept all day and my ass still tired. Speaking of ass, *laughs* Where's MJ bad butt? He ain't been in here all day."

"The dog wore him out" I said

"Lawd, Well I'm going to bed. Well get ready"


I got up and pulled my covers back going to sleep

Goodnight 😍❤️🙏

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