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This young boy caught a date with one of the hottest girls in school, Daysi. Damn, just saying her name turn a brother on. She got body and when I say body I mean Maya Amour body, Her body ain't as bad as aunties though but it's close 😂 Y'all know I be checking my aunt out on the low. Who wouldn't? She bad asf. Body on fleek! She straight Perfection. Guess that's why these basic bitches be hating! Anyways. Let's get back to Daysi

She has the most beautiful green eyes, honey blonde hair, Coke like bottle, Booty for days, Sexy soft voice, She athletic, Got freckles like I ain't never seen before, Intelligent, She ain't like these other girls around here, Espevially at my school it's full of thots and goldies. Not girls with money GOLDIES as in GOLD DIGGERS.

YOOO and when pops busted me out about my tattoos, i nearly flipped was shocked as hell. I Betchu one of them loud mouth sisters of mines told it! Wait til I see them tomorrow. Just wait.

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