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Sorry it took a while. I'm back at school (sigh) so updates will be slower. Sorry :(

Tris' POV
Today we begin the fear simulations. No more messing around. This seems to be the serious part of initiation. The hard part. People can change. I force myself to open my eyes and immediately smile. Yes, I have officially moved in with Tobias. I'm actually so happy. Anyway, I wake and watch my lovely boyfriend sleep for a while. Not in a creepy way though. Eventually I decide to get up and shower, leaving his warm embrace. I change into jeans and a red top once I'm done, braiding my hair for a change. When I enter the kitchen breakfast is laid out for me. I smile at Tobias who is draining his coffee. "Slow down." I laugh as I sit next to him. He places the cup down and smiles. "Good morning." He gently kisses me then motions to the eggs in front of me. "Eat. Trust me, you'll be needing a lot of energy." As we eat we discuss initiation and tomorrow night. My girls night got rescheduled because Chris got a cold. She wouldn't let us go without her or come near her, so tomorrow seemed safe. I just hope we don't have to go shopping. Ugh. As I finish my coffee Tobias glances at his watch. "Okay, time to go." I nod and follow him while saying, "Excellent, let's scare some kids."

I feel so bad for the initiates. They're scared out of their minds. I help Tobias set everything up as they wait anxiously. "I'm perfectly capable of doing this myself." I say for the one thousandth time. Tobias insists of doing this with me. So, together, we will help the initiates with there fear simulations. "I know you are Tris. I want to do this with you though. It'll be good." I sigh and walk over to him.
"Why are you so persuasive?" I ask. He laughs and kisses me. We kiss for a while before I pull back. "Come on, time to work buddy." Tobias laughs again but doesn't go to kiss me. I go and open the door. Guilt fills me. Each initiate is in a separate seat, all as pale and wide eyed as each other. I give them a weak smile. "Ready Steve?" I eventually ask. We're doing this by ranking order. Steve nods and stands before facing everyone else. "Uh, good luck guys." He gives them a nod and follows me. I gently close the door behind us. Tobias hands me the syringe before turning to the computer. I smile down a Steve. "You'll be fine. Get it over with, huh?" He gives me a weak smile which I return. "Ready Steve?" Tobias asks. After he nods I inject the syringe. Luckily he doesn't cringe too much. "Good luck." I say as he goes.

So far so good honestly. Three have been through it. Steve had a fear of not being able to save someone or a group of people. River feared that the man she loved would forget her completely, no memory at all. Then there's Black Widow. She feared failing under pressure then dealing with the consequences. But she's still in the chair. I'm staring wide eyed at Tobias. Our first one. Terrific. Our first Divergent. She just stares blankly at us. "What?" She asks groggily. Tobias nods and stares at the computer. "Follow me." I whisper and lead her outside. She is still shaken and confused, poor thing. "I'm really sorry to do this. To stress you out I mean. Just making sure. Test results?" She stares blankly at me. "What?" She says. I sigh.
"Uh, Dauntless. Isn't it obvious?" Yep, sure. I sigh. "Okay thanks. Free to go." She walks off and doesn't even look slightly affected by facing her fears. By that I mean no crying or whatnot. Whatever. I walk back to Tobias whose already started with Annabeth. Well, finished. Again his madly typing. Oh no. Annabeth is ghost white and has tears streaming down her face. I'm taken aback. "Annabeth?" I ask cautiously. She looks at me, fear in her eyes. "They were everywhere!" She wails softly. "Hundreds of them, growing by the minute. They're so gross, with their skinny legs and massive bodies." She sobs then continues. "Luckily Percy came and saved me." After realising what she said she goes red. "I-I mean Percy appeared and he got scared so I had to help him, logically." I laugh lightly and help her stand. "Hey, it's okay. Don't be embarrassed. Only us two will see these." Annabeth nods and wipes away her tears. Once calm she leaves. I look at Tobias. "Two in one go?" I ask, bewildered. He sighs and walks over to me. "I can't believe it either. I mean, usually you don't get two in a row but that might be it." I nod then smirk.
"So, Annabeth and Percy?" Tobias just laughs at me. "What?" I complain.
"Nothing Tris. Yes, it's interesting."
"Yeah. Oh and what ab-"
"Tris! You're as bad as Christina." I turn slightly red. "Sorry." I mumble. He kisses my forehead. "Don't worry. Who's next?" I shrug and open the door. "Harry, please enter."

So we have a possible five Divergent. Yeah, five. Maybe even more. Annabeth, Black Widow, Harry, Percy and Katniss are basically certain. It was one crazy day. I look over to Tobias whose making coffee for us in our apartment. "Five?" I say again in disbelief. He nods his head. "Yes Tris. It looks like we have five." I frown, making him smile. "So, what will you guys do tomorrow?" I ask as I get my coffee. Tobias sits next to me and sighs. "No idea. I'm just following Zeke."
"You do know that is a bad move right?" He kisses my forehead and laughs yet again. Is he on Amity bread or something today? "I'll be fine. What about you, hey?" He asks. I roll my eyes. "Please, it's Christina. She'll just make me wear heels and a really tight dress. No biggy."
"No biggy?" He asks, eyebrows shooting upwards. "Fine, but remember that you're my girlfriend. Tell that to all the guys okay?" Now I laugh. "Oh come on! You're kidding!"
"No, you're beautiful." I blush a deep red and shake my head. Tobias pulls me closer to him and mumbles into my hair, "Yes you are."

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