Prologue- The Murder

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TW- Murder

This chapter is written by me, @Sorrynotsorry29

Three months later...

The school bells rang to signal the end of the day. Students flooded out from all classrooms, some rushing to catch buses, some rushing to their form rooms, some running to evade from their teachers. But not her.

She stood there in the middle of the hallway, completely still. Watching...Waiting...

Her eyes were narrowed and her mouth was itched into a scowl as she waited expectantly for prey, the student who she was destined to destroy.

And it was too late to turn back now...

And then something caught her attention and her head snapped upwards, almost as if she was in a trance.

From then onwards, no witness could quite recall what happened.

Some say they saw the knife enter the student's body, some say they could see the blood ooze out of the corpse.

But the one thing everybody did see, was Doris Collins dead body sprawled along the corridor of the science department.

From that moment onwards, the air was thick with suspicion and lies, each student turning on one another. Not a single soul was safe.  The Police couldn't tell the difference between typical school rumours or the truth anymore.

Every single person had taken the story and edited it in such a way, no two stories were the same.

That one murder destroyed Tudor High's reputation for good and the Police, frustrated and exhausted, closed the case, never to be reopened again.

But the murderer was never imprisoned...

This is her story.

Her story in a school full of secrets.

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