Chapter 11: ?¿

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S\N remeber in earlier chapters where Nic was talking about how she found Liv? Well Liv's 'Momma' is her biological mother.


I looked around and I was in a room full of light."WOAHH" I instantly began to walk around nosily and touch everything "am I dreaming?". "You are in heaven my child, You're exactly like your mother when she was your age" a kind voice giggled. I turned around and there stood a Old Lady who looked slightly like Grandma Carol and a beautiful woman,both wore wings and a halo, wait what!? "You don't remember me because we've never met due to unfortunate circumstances but I've been watching over you from here" she smiled. "Great Grandma?" I asked and she nodded in reply. I ran over to her and hugged her. "I can't believe I'm talking to you" I cried. The woman looked at me with tears in her eyes " Liv?" She asked. "Momma?" i replied running up to her and never letting go She hugged me back tightly "my baby" she whispered into my hair. "You're all grown up and you're so beautiful" she gasped as she held me at an arms distance. "Thank you Momma, you look flawless" I smiled looking at her flowing dress, her halo, wings and her light brown hair with flowers weaved into it. "Thank you baby" she laughed kissing my cheek "How are you?, where is Pops" I asked getting scared." I'm fine my love, and Pops has gone down below where he won't  bother either of us" she smiled faintly. "I miss you so much and I think about you every day  and I've been keeping you in my heart just like you said an-" I said in one breath "I missed you too and I'm glad you have, you're still the same old talkative Liv aren't you?" She giggled pecking my forehead. "But..You have to go back" she said. "Go back where?" I asked confused. "Back to earth with your Mother and Father, God has told me that he brought you here at the wrong time and you must return." Momma replied kindly smiling. "But I don't want to leave you or Great grandma"  I said sadly beginning to cry. She then tilted my chin up  and wiped away my tears "hey." She began kindly "we'll meet again when its time, but until then I'll continue to watch over you okay?" She said softly and I nodded. "Close your eyes and count to three". I raised an eyebrow "you sure" , "Olivia Hope..." Mom laughed sternly. "Okay,okay". I shut my eyes tight "One...two... three!". I then opened them and saw the light covered world seem to disappear. "Bye Momma, bye Great Grandma" I yelled waving. "Bye my baby, one more thing, tell Onika Angie says she is doing a good job" she smiled. And everything went black.


I shivered as Liv lost all life and we turned away to leave, gallons of tear leaving our eyes. Suddenly Liv began to shake violently as if she was having a seizure and I ran back in and pressed the emergency button over and over again. Nurses ran in and attached her to a portable life support machine and pushed her speedily to the emergency room.

*2 hours later*


Me nic, and the Garcia's were here as everyone else had left .They had taken Liv back into the screening room. Liv was asthmatic so I wonder if it had something to do with that. I put my head in my hands and began to cry silently again, I don't even know if she's alive or not. The doctor then entered with an unreadable facial expression "she's sleeping right now but shes  alive and out of the coma" the doctor smiled. My heart fluttered and I opened my mouth in shock. Nicki looked at me  shocked smiling ear to ear as if to ask if I was hearing the same as her and I nodded. "She's alive." Nicki whispered. "She's alive" she shouted smiling. "She's not dead" Nicki laughed in shock before jumping into ny arms and I span her around, we then kissed passionately and stopped for air and then began to kiss again. Nicki layed her forehead on mine and wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled and I wrapped my arms around her waist and grinned back. "But..." The doctor continued. "She is suffering from amnesia so she is very unlikely to know who you are" the doctor finished. "As long as she's alive" I said kissing Nika's cheek and she nodded. We turned to enter the room only to see Sophia and Josè had already ran into the room.


I slowly opened one eye then the other to see people crowded around me. I tried to sit up quickly but pain shot through my body making me wince in pain. "Owww" I pouted with watery eyes. "Shhh, its okay just relax"said a pretty short woman with a big butt and boobs as she propped me up on some pillows. "Thanks" I said quietly. Her eyes watered and she looked sad like she'd been crying, and tired. "Your welcome Liv" she smiled. Was she talking to me? "Who's Liv?" I asked confused. "You" kindly said a handsome muscly man with a big forehead. "Oh." I said, I can't remember anything. "Do you remember us?" Some Hispanic twins asked me. "No im sorry, I don't remember anything" I said looking down twiddling my thumbs. "Hey it's okay we can introduce ourselves" the lady said. "My name is Onika and Most people call me Nicki, but I'm your Mom so you would call me mom or Mommy either one" she smiled. "And I'm your Daddy," the man smiled. "We are Josè and Sophia and we have been your best friends since you were 4, but you call us 'Phia'  and 'Hoezay' she whispered the last word. "That's a funny nick name" I giggled. "Well its because you're a funny person," Josè laughed back. "And I'm their mother," a woman spoke in a Hispanic sounding accent "but you call me, Mami Maria, or Maria" she smiled with kind eyes. "What happened exactly and why am I here" I asked them. "You were in a coma and nearly died, in fact we thought you were dead until now, but we are really happyp that your not" they smiled hugging me. I thought it was kind of weird because even though apparently I've known then for a while i have in my mind only known them for a day, I hugged them back anyway to be polite. "You guys look tired" I stated referring to the twins and their Mother's expression. "Just a lottle bit" they stated "go home and rest, I'll be okay and I'll find a way to contact you okay?" I offered. They protested "you need  to rest I stated" they agreed and all three of them hugged me and My Mom kissed the twins foreheads and hugged Their mom tightly. Soon they left and it was just the three of us. Daddy turned around and rummaged in a bag,. "I got you this" he smiled handing me a big teddy bear. I sat it in the bed next to me "thanks" i smiled weakly. I'm trying to act like this whole situation doesn't phase me but it does, I mean I wake up and I don't remember anything, not even what I was waking up from! "Scared?" He asked sympathetically and I nodded. "Come here" he said signalling for me to come and I crawled across the hospital bed and sat on his Lap.  I later my head on Daddy's chest "its okay little angel" , he whispered, slowly I began to relax. Until the doctor came in and began to speak again.


"So what comes after this?" I asked the doctor as he walked in. "Well she's on suicide watch for tonight and the night after, because of the situation. She needs glasses because her vision had lowered by 20% and a different inahler due to her asthma worsening, and she's all good an healthy to go, and she may regain her memory". Smiled the doctor "thank you so much, I smiled. "So I can take her home with me in two days then?" I smiled so happy I could fly. "Not exactly" the doctor said solemnly...

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