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Hi there hi there! I'm Jessica Lexi Carlton! Daughter of the world famous billionaire Heath Carlton, and beautiful normal Eve Carlton... I love my life, moving from mansion to mansion gets old and boring but life with my amazing parents who give me everything I could ever ask for just makes life so fun and easy. I'm now six years old but home schooled, why? I don't know.. mum and dad went to school so why not me?!? Oh well it means snacks whenever laughs toilet breaks as frequent as I need and I get to get one to one learning. but I have no friends...that is the sad part of it all. right now we love in a mansion in the country side... I have a swimming pool, but no one to swim with... my own park, but no one to enjoy the swing or to push me.... the funnest room ever, but no one to enjoy it with me.... when my parents are out working I'm lonely...accept for the baby sitter who sleeps lazily on the sofa in our over sized living room. enough of my moaning now though, the door bell just went.

I ran down the stairs bouncing lightly from each spiral step, then giggled when I almost slipped at the front door. swinging it open with my short arms I saw a man, tall dark hair and dark eyes, looked a bit like my dad...

"Can I help?" I asked politely.

"Yes, is Eve and Heath here?" He asked darkly.

"Um no, would you like me to leave them a message?" I asked calmly.

"What are you to them?" He asked shrugging.

"I'm there daughter..." I murmured, confused as to what this mysterious man wanted with my parents.

"Oh the famous Jessica Lexi Carlton...well well well...." he licked his lips mischievously, making me nervous.

"What? How do you know me?" I asked trying to sound confident.

"Your all over news papers, when you was born, when you had your first birthday when you moved house all your big events are published." he explained.

"Jessica!!!!" I heard my babysitter yell, she ran out and gasped shoving me away and yelling at the man who made me nervous.

"Don't come here again! Don't talk to that girl ever again! And DONT ever ever try to get her to talk to you!!!" Amanda yelled angrily at the man, who then smirked and walked away slyly.

"Who was that Amanda?" I asked guilty.

"Just a pervert honey, come on let's get some lunch." She took my hand and took me to the kitchen, my mind hurt from what he knew about me...


After the babysitter lectured me on strangers, I huffed and dragged my self up the modern stairs and into my oversized but awesome bed room where I sat alone....bored...with no one to laugh and play with...its moments like this I just want a normal life with normal parents, normal schooling like what any normal child has. I might sound selfish and yes, I know there are children who have nothing, but when you have to much it's lonely and life is too easy with no adventures....its depressing. just then the door opened and I heard mum entering with an annoyed tone. running down the stairs to meet her I squealed so happy to finally see her.

"Ohh honey!" She said her face cheering up as she dropped her bags and embraced me in her warm touch.

"I missed you soooo much!" I whispered in her ear.

"I missed you to baby bear." she kissed my cheek then picked me up to face the baby sitter half asleep with her hand out.....to receive money.

"Here" mum handed her a note and we watched the baby sitter leave. "how are you sweetie?" She asked me closing the door.

"Bored...lonely....but tired." I admitted frowning into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh didn't baby sitter play with you? I told her too!" She frowned down at the floor.

"I need people my age mum...I need actual school to do that." I whispered looking into her eyes deeper, searching for some sign of her listening.

Then she put me down abruptly walking away to put new shopping in the fridge. "it's out of the question, me and your father know what's best for you, so home school is best." she said not facing me.

Anger burning a hole in my mind and chest, I'd had enough! I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and did what any child would do, I screamed so loud it hurt, but I didn't care, I heard mum yelling for me to stop, but I continued until I needed breath. opening my eyes I glared hard at my mum who looked angry too. shooting her the worst look I could paint on my face, then I whipped my long brown hair side ways as I ran for the stairs.

"Jessica Lexi Carlton how dare you! Get here now!" I heard mum yell, but I was already in my room closing the door and crying on my bed....times like this make me want to run away, thing is I felt like this all the time.....

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