Explaining "Past"

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Last chapter was a little confusing to some but in this chapter i swear i will make it so you can understand


See you next chapter i guess


After Y/n And F/n Entered the House to Discuses the plan On How To Bring Peace to the School F/n Got a bit Curious and Decided to Ask Y/n About His Past

So F/n and Y/n Sat down He Decided to Spring the Question 

F/n: So *Scratches Head* Y/n Can You Tell me about your Past 

After he spoke those Words Y/n Faced Darkened And Face Filled with Hatred 

Y/n: Are You Sure *Crosses Hands togehter* It Might Take A Long Time To Tell You All Of it 

F/n Head shook with Understanding 

F/n: Im Postive Y/n Since your My Only Freind I Want to Know How You Can to be the person You Are today

Y/n Looked at him with shock on his face before going back to neutral

Y/n: Alright Fine But First *snap*

y/n Snaps His Fingers And Time Stops and the world Looks Distorted 


Y/n: Easy I Just time time so i can tell the story 

F/n: *composes Himself* Ok Now Im Ready 

Y/n: *serous Face* Let me Tell you A Story About a Boy Who Was Native and dumb Boy in love who would turn into Cold Heard Person 


I Was 16 At the Time I Was A First Year In High School And Was Shy At First But Was Not Ready To Make Friends So i Stayed alone for some of the time But Because of my sisters Popularity 

That Silence  Did Not Last Long You See The Name L/n Was Very Big in this city so when ever i told people my last name they would treat me like a god but Anyway People in School Would Always Try and be my friend Mostly Guys Just me get close to my sisters but ignored them.

Until Suddenly Girls Started to Talk to me But One In Particular Caught my eye she was beautiful Her Name Us Amy 

We Started talking She was a little Shy But We Hit it Off After Hanging out for some time i eventually asked her out and she said yes We Dated and got along really well And i Was the happiest man Alive 

Until That Fateful Day i Found Out She Was Cheating on me with Some Guy and after confronting her about him she said started crying and tell me all the usual nonsense you hear and i was just not having it and left 

And After that i thought i would never find love again but i proved me wrong and found another love but she cheated on me the same it happened


You Get the picture anyway that happened all the way until my 3rd year of high school got cheated on more than i can count and thats when i decided to become a kamen rider and travel the multiverse 

So I Left without telling anyone and made a name for myself and become a hero 


Y/n: And That my friend is how and why i decided to become a rider got that

F/n: Oh Wait I Got a question what were your family like 

Y/n: Well My Father was Handsome and tried to make it up for lacking in that department,My Mother was beautiful,My Sisters were Bitches thats about it oh there was my grandfather who passed away but he was my favorite to be with all the time

F/n: Cool Well about about your multiverse trips can you tell me about them

Y/n: Hmm First i Visited the sentai World because i thought i would be fun to mess with them

F/n: ...................... i don't remember the events are all kind of fuzzy


We See A very Scared Y/n Running away from very angry people in colored suits

Y/n: Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck i knew i should have mess with them  

A Ninja Shuriken missed half his face before his very eyes



HE Looked down to see he was ready to to Jump He Looked back and flipped him off before jumping into a portal and before he does someone threw a rock at his head a knocked him out before disappearing

*Flashback End*

Y/n: Yeah Sorry 

F/n: Well Anyway it was very interesting hearing your past anyway i think we wasted enough time don't you think


Y/n Snaps His Fingers and the world goes back to normal 

Y/n Now Lets get back to Our plan 

F/n: RIght 

The Screens Fades to black as the two continue to plan out more 



Sorry Guys for Not adding in more action just Wanted to add a littlle bit of his past 

anyway on The Last Chapter people got confused so let me write it to  more clearly

So When You Did the deed the horri You Found her Phone Open and decied to snoop around a found messages about a guy she been talking with quite alot and saw what you needed to see

Pictures she sent him and videos they talked about times to meet up and the the deed all the hearts and nudes she sent him and the recent on he looked at was her saying it was over for him and explained why but he threated to send him the sex tapes to me as blackmail but after she told him my name he decided to back off and delete everything and stopted talking with her

After finding out this informatoin he waited until she was up and confronted her about her about she broke down crying telling him she made a mistake and she won't do it again but He did not want to hear it

and started to head to the door to leave but she was persistent grabing his leg and begging while crying not to leave until he made it to the door and left her there crying never looking back

Before Coming to his old world he sent his falcon to see how she was doing and lets just say its bad

She Won't Come Out of her Room Anymore her family tried talking with her but she kept ignoring them muttering Sorry and Please Come Back

Just In Case i Left Something to guard her encase someone tries something to her in that state 

W-W-WHat Its N-N-Not like I C-C-Care For her anyway 

S-S-Shut Up 


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