- urban plots 6.

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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is the devil. this could honestly be more on the comedic side. so basically all this would be is making a mockery of the devil himself really. you can take things you've heard or learned about the devil and make it funny that's pretty much it.

**A/N: out of all the plots i've given you guys i'd really love to see one of y'all do this one.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the year is 1999. personally i love the 90s, the music, the fashion, everything. all you can really do for this plot is have a teen or young adult that has grown up in the 90s and present to your readers how life in the 90s was.


POTENTIAL TITLE: Words From A Broken Tongue

POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a mute girl becomes interested in the boy she has no chances with. she has a hard time trying to communicate with him because of her condition, but in the end she finds a way to win him over.

the reason i put "potential" in front of title and plot is because you can really switch any of those things up, it doesn't matter to me. if you guys use these plots let me know in the comments or in private messages because i would really like to read them!

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