» 18th of February, 2014 «

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Dear Calum,

Unlike you, I'm actually doing this not only because I have to, but because I find it amusing. You're so fucking sour. It's funny, actually. Thanks for agreeing with me, by the way. No one else seems to.

You told me not to expect a photo, and I don't. But you never said I couldn't send one.

I put in a photo of me and my two friends - my only good friends, really. The orange haired one is Michael, and the one lifting up his shirt is Ashton. I'm the blond on the left. We took it when we went to the Sydney Warped date last year. It wasn't that great. The lineup was pretty shitty.

I don't know what else to say. Write back soon? I know you won't, but I don't know how to end letters.


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