Chapter 21

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BTW I decided Scott doesn't like her and Leonora doesn't like him (well she never really liked liked him).

Derek changed back to his regular self. And apparently there's these big monster skull guys that are called berserkers, I'm lucky enough not to encounter one, yet.

We were all pretty shocked that 117 million dollars was stolen but on the bright side Peter was angry which put me in a good mood.

I was doing the dishes in my Pajamas and blasting the music. I heard a knock on the door so I take off my gloves and open it. Kira was standing there "I need to talk to someone" I invite her in and she goes to the kitchen.

"Will you give me one second? I gotta get ready." She nods her head and I go up to my room.

I brushed my teeth and hair, put on a plain long sleeve shirt with jeans and a flannel jacket.

I go back down "So what's wrong? Did you find out who took the money?"

She starts pacing around "No. My parents are trying to move! They said Beacon Hills was temporary! I don't want to leave I made friends here."

I look at her and grab a bottle of water from the fridge "Okay, calm down. Here drink some water. Maybe try negotiating with them, give them reasons why you should stay." She nods and chugs some water "And if that doesn't work I'll turn you." She looks at me and spits out her water "Woah I was just joking jeez."

She starts laughing and I throw her a towel I got from a cabinet. She checks her phone "Shoot we got to get to school." I lock up the house and we start walking.

Kira and I go to class. The class had a free reading day so I read To Kill a Mockingbird which is one of my favorite books. When class is done Kira and I grab our books and papers and head out.

The moment I took a step out of the classroom Stiles was right there scaring the life out of me and making me drop most of my books and papers. "Seriously Stiles you need to stop lurking around. People are going to think you're a creep."

He rolls his eyes and picks up the papers I couldn't grab. After he helps me he fills me, Kira, and Scott who suddenly showed up about three murders. Scott tells us his mom already informed him and said it looked like a normal death so we should stay out of it. I can already tell Kira and Scott think they should stay out of it. The real question is, is it actually a normal death or is it some supernatural problem?

Stiles is shocked "So the two of you-you just want to stay here at school and go to class? I've never heard anything so irresponsible in my life. Come on Vampy looks like we're on our own."

This is going to be a long journey.

Kira drags me and Malia to watch the boys try outs. We are sitting in the bleachers with some other kids mostly girls who's boyfriends are trying out. Malia is studying and Kira is fidgeting with lacrosse stick.

"Hey that new kid I think his name is Liam, he's kinda cute."

Kira stops messing with the stick, Malia drops her pen, and I can even see Scott who was on the field giving me a questioning look. I shrug, they know I'm not wrong.

Coach is screaming at everyone until he looks at me and yells Salvatore, I point at myself and he yells yes. I give my friends a questioning look and they all shrug.

I run down everyone is looking at me making me feel the need to shrivel into a ball. "Yes sir?"

He grabs his clipboard "Where is your brother?! He was one of the only good players on this team. Jackson and Isaac are gone too, why on earth is your brother gone."

I look down at my feet then back at him, my friends are giving me pity looks which makes me feel worse. "My older brother died and Stefan thought it was best to leave." I mumbled.

"What did you say I can't hear you speak up."

Coach is really getting on my nerves. I stood up straighter and looked him dead in the eyes "My older brother died and Stefan thought it was the best to leave, so sorry if that ruined your goal of having the perfect team!"

He took some steps back and then regained his confidence "Four laps around the track, if you don't like it then you can have a detention cleaning equipment."

I dig my nails into the palms of my hand. I take off my jacket and put it on a bench. I start running, four laps is nothing I can run it under a second if I wanted to but I decided to run it under five minutes.

I was so mad that I ran it under three. Some commotion happened over by the bleachers but I didn't pay any attention. I grabbed my jacket and was about to go to the stands when Coach stopped me.

"You ran four laps in under three minutes, you have enough anger in your pinky than most of those boys on the team and can control it better, and I'm betting that you're able to throw a ball into a net." He's holding his clipboard examining it "You're faster than all of the boys on the team including the newbie Dunbar. If you want you can be on the team I've already asked Kira Yukimura and she said yes so you wouldn't be the only girl."

I don't know why but this made me laugh hysterically, everyone started looking at new again probably thinking I'm on something. "You want me on the team? I don't know a thing about lacrosse, I probably suck at it, and I'm a busy woman so I would miss practice. Let me sleep on it."

Coach smiles and nods, he told me to go sit in the stands to watch how to play from a distance. I go up to the stands and sit down almost completely frozen, what did I just do?

How am I going to be able to play lacrosse, do schoolwork, and deal with the supernatural struggles that we usually have everyday.

But this may be the best way to deal with the overwhelming emotions I have.

"Nor! Nor! Breathe! You need to snap out of it!" I open my eyes to see Malia violently shaking me.

I gasp for air and Malia sits down. She laughs "You had a different reaction then Kira." If Kira's on the team it can't be that bad can it? I look back up to see a boy on the ground he was groaning and holding his leg. Shoot that's Liam Dunbar. What did they do?

Apparently they thought Liam was a supernatural being and decided to test their theory, news flash he's not, and they took him to the hospital.

I walked home thinking about my options. If I joined the team it can look good on my college application even though I don't have to go because I don't age and Stefan already taught me way to much. If I don't join the team I can have enough time to deal with everything that's happening. I think its for the best that I don't join.

I enter my house and turn on the lights, I should sell my house, I don't need it, I could get a smaller one. But this is a good house for people to hide out in or get lost in. I grab my art supplies and a towel and head outside. I jump so high I land on the roof. I lay down my towel and start drawing on the roof. I looked out at the sunset, the brightness made my eyes water. Wait what day is it? I look at my phone, four days, four days until my birthday. I haven't told anyone in Beacon Hills but I'm already counting on Caroline to force everyone to call me.

It gets dark so I hop down and walk back inside. I study for a while. I sleep with a smile I don't know why but it just felt right.

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