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chapter 1
tulip pov
fred pov

     The curly haired girl sat on the train with her calico cat, Pumpernickel, her attention seemed to be caught by something outside. The cool air from outside hit her cheeks before her attention got stolen, having heard a familiar voice.

"Tu-Levee, Tu-Leveeee." a voice sang out, this voice wasn't the most pleasant though that voice was music to her ears. 

     A smile grew on Tulip's lips as she looked up at the door to see the one person she'd always be happy to see. She stood up quickly and embraced the owner of the singsong voice. After what felt like the perfect hug she pulled away and looked into the piercing grey eyes of her best friend.


"I saved you a seat, Ced." Tulip plopped back down and crossed her legs as she looked over at her friend. She wasn't exactly one for friends, she was friendly of course but she'd known Cedric since birth, literally. The two shared a birthday. To say the two were close would be an understatement but no matter how close they were it was never more than just friends. No matter how much Cedric wanted it to be more than friendship. Though Tulip didn't know, how could she? That was her brother. That was the boy who was there the first time she fell off a broom, the boy who stuck up for her when her neighbor was being a jerk, the boy who was there when her pet owl died. This was that boy.

"Tulip. Tulip are you listening to me?"

     The brunette blinked and looked at the male. "Uh yes! Of course I am." She said quickly as she gave him a small grin. 

"Liar. But anyways, dad said he'd be sending some money for the first Hogsmeade trip so it's on me this time since last time you paid for the healing remedies after the breakup with Cho." He sighed, by healing remedies he meant butterbeer and chocolate. Too bad he'd been dumped. Tulip had never been dumped, the girl had gone on a few dates, she had one ex but nothing more than that. Never anything serious. She was not like Cedric at all. Cedric was a catch and all the girl wants a chance to be seen with him. 

"No Ced, it's no problem." 

"It's not a debate."

     Tulip didn't have time to roll her eyes before she heard the compartment door open. Her eyes darted towards the door, blush immediately crept up on her cheeks. 

"Pretty boy Diggory." The nickname came from not one but two people. Twins to be exact. 

     Tulip cleared her throat, watching their gazes turn to her. 

"Daffodil!" That one was from George.

"Buttercup!" And then Fred.

     Tulip rolled her eyes. "Hello George, Fred." She had had a tiny crush on Fred when she was in year 1. She watched Cedric give her a look and she quickly gave him a glare. He teased her about it constantly. It was one little crush that lasted only a short while... like 5 years or so. When the glare didn't stop Cedric's she swung her foot, kicking his shin before she began to read her book on Dragonology and zone out from the boy's conversation. 

"Gryffindor won't be winning the Quidditch cup this year boys."

"Whatever you say pretty boy Diggory." 

"The only way you'll win is if you finally convince Buttercup, here, to play." 

"Absolutely not Weasley." Tulip retorted without missing a beat, not even looking up from her book. 

"Tu-Levee wouldn't get on a broom if you paid her to. You remember that one time, don't you? That one time when you completely wrecked that broom when you were 13." Cedric snickered. "You still have that scar don't you. I told you it was a dumb idea-"

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