The first meeting

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"Well what can I say you are the savior after all" Carlie beamed gladly at me.  My heart is still beating hard like any moment it will break out from my chest. I just can't still believed I save this account for the company. There's been a fraudulent act in our company and our clients were of course very furious and deciding if the can still entrust their business on us. 

I tried to talked to them with an honest heart and I just cant believe they still entrusted their business with us by giving us a second chance.  During the talk I only thought of the people working in this account. Everyday they risk their lives coming to work... Round a clock. 

I know as an operation manager of this account in this call center agency I can be transferred into a different account with a still high position. But I thought of these people and the family they support. It doesnt mean that one made a mistake then all will suffer. I smiled at my ever bestfriend Carlie.

"Im still nervous. Its very nerve cracking you know."  I still cant hide the emotion.

"Thank you my friend. It means a lot to me." Carlie acknowledge and hugged me. He is the Senior Account Manager of this retail account that luckily not to brag the one that I just saved from being pulled out.

"And for that I'll treat you my favorite girl and of course my only favorite nephew Shilo for dinner later. Your chosen restaurant."  He proudly announced . I grinned like a child at him. He really played a big part in my life and my son's life. Specially my precious little boy Shilo. He'll be very excited once I call him later.

"Mommy I want to have banana split later on okay?" Shilo, as we walk to the restaurant to dine in. Shilo never miss it to the world. I nodded and he flashed the most beautiful smile he never fail to show when he gets what he want. I don't even know where he gets his addiction to that dessert.

An idea crossed my face but tried to flush it out my mind.

How would I know....

"I was never wrong Shilo. Your father is a monkey!" Carlie joked but then regretted his slip of a tongue. I looked at him with a warning sign but I know it was too late.

I want to punch him for bringing up the forbidden subject. I bended down. I sighed looked at my young handsome boy. Longing is plastered into his face even though his head is bowed down. I looked up to Carlie and he mouthed "sorry"


He raised his head and I was directly looking at his gray eyes full of sadness that few minutes ago was full of excitement for his favorite dessert. I hugged my son. I really hate when he looks like this. I'll really have a serious talk with Carlie and his big mouth.

"My dad isnt a monkey right?" He asked softly and I want to control my laugh though I know he just dont want to open the topic cause he knows I don't like talking about it. I shook my head ang hug my precious boy.

"And for that I will treat my favorite nephew his favorite banana split with vanilla,chocolate and strawberry icecream on top." Carlie trying to save the evening. Shilo's eyes suddenly twinkled with delight as what he had heard. Good thing. I sighed.

We sat on the sofa chairs that Shilo love to sit on.

"Oppss. I think my son forgot something". I said looking at Shilo. He look at his hands with shock and he smiled sheepishly. Oh my adorable son!

He slide his way out of the sofa.

"Would you like me to accompany you to the wash room?" I smiled. He nodded adorably. We held hands as we go to the wash room.

I looked at my son. I am very lucky to have him. God give him to me and made everything thing alright for me. I dont know what to do if I dont have him. He's my angel. I smiled contentedly.

"Im sorry mister." Shilo said that made me wake up from my reverie.  I bent down and looked at my son who just stopped shaking his hand to get the water off then looked at the person he accidentally got wet.

"Im so sor----

I held my breath when I got the view of the person. I suddenly felt something stirred inside me and I felt a bit nervous when I notice he's looking intently at Shilo.

Gray eyes to gray eyes.....

No it cant be!

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