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A/N: I might double update this a lot bc the letters are so short as of rn!

Edit: lol thanks Victoria for pointing out the year change!

Dear Calum,

Sorry, this is irrelevant to our previous conversation. I think this letter should reach you by St. Valentine's Day, and I just want to kind of talk about that. You can ignore this, frankly I don't give a shit, but I need to rant and since my friends don't like my rants, I'm gonna write it out.

St. Valentine's Day is such a bullshit celebration. Fucking commercial shit. Why would you need one specific day to show a person you love them? I mean, if you truly loved someone, wouldn't you show that to them everyday? Why do we need a specific day to do so? I think it's crap. It's an excuse for people to get away with shit. I mean if you treat the person you're with like complete shit most of the time, but then on St. Valentine's Day you pamper them and shit, you think that you're off the hook. It shouldn't me like that. People should show love all the time! Fuck this day.

Anyways. Yeah, I told you! I know all those bands... I really like Less Than Jake. You've got decent tastes for someone as sour as you.

Here are some bands I listen to: the Ramones, Against Me!, Nirvana, the Distillers, Anti-Flag, The Clash, Bad Religion, Cheap Trick, the Exploited... And I actually really like Billy Talent as well.


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