Its All About Love.

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Life's been great, Ya know. My kids happy, My wife happy and I'm happy. As long as we happy, There ain't nothing else that matters right?

"Pops, where mama?" April asked

"She had a concert with Drake and Lil Wayne. Come sit! She'll be home in a couple days"

She sat next to me

"Where's your sister?" I asked her

"Surprisingly she's still sleep." April said

"What? It's 5 and she's still sleeping ?"

"Yeah she had a long night last night."

"She still dreaming about Mel?"

"No, how'd you know about that?"

"It took me awhile to figure it out but, I did. "

"Oh well, This about the boy next door"

"What? What boy?"

"Please don't be like my dad. He's way to over protective. but, she likes the boy next door but only one he cares about is the whore down the street" she said

"I'm gone always be protective of my kids. It's what it is. I love y'all to much. He does too."


I was on stage performing when Drake started rapping these lyrics,

Drake, "I love Maya Amour
I told her I'd admit it
I hope one day we get married just to say we f***in' did it
And girl I'm f***in' serious
I'm with it if you with it
Cause yo verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted
Ugh, damn, I think you caught me in the moment
Like I catch 'em stealing flows cause I swear I never loaned it
And life ain't a rehearsal
The camera is always rollin'
So come and get a portion of this money that we blowin'
Cause its on"

I blushed and smiled, He came up to me and kissed my forehead, I smiled and than the next set was up. I took off my blonde wig and did my natural hair. We was doing our thing when all of a sudden Drake grabbed me and lifted me upon him, I laughed and went along with it. I didn't feel comfortable but I didn't wanna bash him on stage plus I kind of liked it but, I am married and I love My Husband.

"Drake? Can I talk you YAHN (you)?"

"Yeah sure."

I grabbed his hand and we went into my dressing room, I locked my door

"Drake, I appreciate the love and all but I am married and what you did out there? That can't happen again"

"I'm sorry, I just got caught up in my feelings."

I smiled, "You know I still love you and you my boy and we just friends. That's all we can be. I'm married and I'm in love with my husband and you're with Rihanna! So how do you think she gone feel about this?"

"Everyone knows we label mates and we friends, May"

"The lyrics in most of everyone of your songs about me isn't helping none."

He laughed, "Look you got me and I got you. We know we can't be together."

"I got to go, I need some sleep if I'm gone continue on this tour."

"Alright, Goodnight."

"Goodnight." I said leaving the dressing room going out to my limo and going to my hotel


"I'm so sleepy." Vanessa said pluping down on the couch

"How was work? Hold your feet up here."

She laid her feet on my lap and laid her head on my shoulder

"It was tiring. Those thots work my damn nerves."

"Your sister called." I said

"Oh, what she want?"

"She said call her, She wouldn't tell me anything."

"Oh ok, I will. I just need some sleep."

"Go to sleep than bay"

She nodded and closed her eyes, I changed the channel and watched tv. My son came up in the front door, He don't think I know he got tattoos but I'm gone let him know what's up

"TJ, come here son."

He sat his basketball down and came and sat on the other couch

"How long she been sleep?"

"Couple minutes, How was practice?"

"Good, I met this chic and she was fye"

I smirked, "She was huh? What's her name? Is that her name tatted on your chest?"

"Damn. Howd you know?"

"I'm your father, I see all and know all. let me see"

He lifted his shirt

"Ball is Life. When you get this?"

"Couple weeks Ago."

"Don't keep none like that from me, You could get an affection from it."

"Alright, well I'm showering and hitting the sheets"

"You resigning early!"

"Got a date with Daysi tomorrow"

"Mm Good Luck"


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