nine part 1

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- Lola -

The Christmas lights that hung in my room created a golden glow against the walls. It was already 8:00 pm and my mom was gone, working at the hospital.  It wasn't uncommon for me to be alone during the late hours of the night. Even on weekends, I find myself wanting to talk to someone, but I'm alone. Alone with my thoughts.

The cheese pizza I consumed earlier was settled and I was ready to relax. 

I have a small room. It has a rather large window on one of the walls though. I personally love to wake up early and watch the sunrise out of my window. My walls are fairly blank, except for some sketches I've done and photos I've taken.

Standing up from my comfy bed, I walked over to my desk, grabbing my headphones and connected them to my iPod. 

Almost without thinking, I went directly to Closer by Thief. I don't know what I loved about this song. Maybe the beat, or the lyrics.

Soon after that song was over, Jaguar by What So Not began to play. 

You might've not expected me to be listening to this kind of music, but I loved it.

Without realizing what was really happening, my shoes had been kicked off and my cardigan had been hung over my desk chair. My hair was still in braids, but strands were falling out and they were becoming to look a little messy.

The volume was turned all the way up and I was in a state of euphoria. The curtains of my window were pulled back and anyone outside could see me. But, I didn't care. I soon found myself, eyes closed and feeling the music. I wasn't dancing, but just getting into the beat of every song that happened to play on my pink iPod nano.

Next, You by The 1975 began to play. 

I don't know what it was but, The 1975 always made me think of him. 


Listening to the song, made me remember what I had done to him earlier at school. I hope I didn't scare him with my sudden actions. 

He did hurt my feelings, but after realizing that he truly felt bad, all I wanted to do, was kiss him. 

And that's what I did.

It was the same exact feeling I had of our first kiss together. It was the type of kiss that made every enjoyable moment of your life flash into your memory. It was the type of kiss that made your eyes water from the overwhelming amount of emotion. It was the type of kiss that made you never want to take a breath, even though you're turning blue and purple from lack of oxygen. It was the kind of kiss that felt like you were opposite sides of a magnet and every time you tried to pull apart and relax, it would be impossible.

It was that kind of kiss that I shared with him.

And, knowing that he felt that when we kissed, made it 100% better. 

I know that I'm just a student and he's my principal, but there's something more between us and not even he can deny that now.

- Mr. Styles -

God. She was fucking beautiful. 

She made my head spin and spin and spin.

Lola, Lola, Lola. My sweet child, Lola.

She was naive and young at heart. 

Watching her twirl around in her little, mini skirt and her braids. Occasionally, losing her balance and falling, but catching herself just before a serious accident.

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