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What a lazy morning! I was staring deep into the laptop screen. The cursor kept dancing like a retro pop singer, waiting for my next input.

Bleak! It was like searching for a pebble in an ocean. Next word is blank.

While I was fighting my own writer's block, the phone came into life with a white pop up on my dark wallpaper.

1 new message from John.

Curiosity kills the cat! Something that is very apt here. Just like Schrodinger's Cat, the name and the message is new until I open!!!

Who on earth is John?!!!!!

It was just a Hi. So I said Hello.

He continued... I was hoping if we could catch up for a coffee. I like you. I have been following you for a while in Facebook.

I typed with a little irritation and huge hesitation...

Sorry John I don't meet strangers like that!!!

Persuasion is what brings love together. He persuaded me with the following message.

"Anything can happen over a coffee!"

I smiled wide with my smilies!!!

Picking a coffee shop was easy for me, as I lived close by a shopping mall in my city. It was a few minutes drive for me.

He took an hour to reach, as he was driving from the other side of the city!

I was watching through the glass walls of the coffee shop. Audi. Open cuffs. Formals. Coolers. Smile! John was walking towards me!

Who is he? Do I know him? He is handsome!!! Lots and lots..

I didn't order a coffee instead I got a lime-mint soda. John got a coffee as promised!


He has his own foundry. Young, smart and successful! And most importantly handsome.

Flattery is an art. John is an artist!

I am a bit ashamed about the following few lines... Actually blushing...

His perfect jawline and the way they swayed as he laughed at my silly jokes.

Good god! The biceps. He must be working out.

That sweet tinge in my nostrils. After shave + perfume.

I was flirting shamelessly!

I just fell in love with a stranger even before I finished my lime-mint soda!

Hope is painful. Just like love. It will drag you deep into something and leave you there dangling. Waiting for a miracle!

If there's a Christmas miracle...
If Santa is coming...

I want John.... Just this one wish! A Christmas miracle!

His eyes plunged deep into mine like shards of glass!

He was sincere in telling me how much he liked my last and only series "A Stranger With My Secrets".

So are you John, a stranger, yet with all my secrets! Except my ATM password, John knows everything now!

Half heartedly I finished the rest of my drink, took my handbag, my mask, searched like a witch into my handbag for my car keys... He got it for me with a smile.

Oh! Stop smiling like this... I might even kiss you here. You already impressed me...!!!!

That's just my mind vioce.

Walked like a lazy cloud on a rainy day, walking out of the coffee shop felt like a lifetime!

Opening my empty room, I felt how much I missed him! Locked the door and stared at it for a minute, as if waiting for John to knock it!!!

Anything can really happen over a coffee!!!

I reached for my phone and opened his messages!

What a strange day to meet someone like you!

I wanted to hit the dial button on top the chat window. Hestitation. Blush. Searching for reasons to call. Don't be stupid woman .. just hit call..

For every dial tone that I heard, my heart skipped a beat!

Hello ...

Hi..this is Divya ..

Oh hi... May I know which Divya...?

John... Anything can happen over a cofee...Ha ha...

Oh sorry... Are you calling for John?

Yes... I am...

Oh you haven't heard!

Heard what?

I am John's brother, we lost John in an accident last week. Sorry we missed you for the funeral mass. Are you a friend of him?


Hello.... Hello????




Beep. Beep.

John was standing in my room. This time his shirt was red! With blood!!!!

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