A Serpent and His Rose [Three Little Words]

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You woke up to birds chirping and singing their lovely songs. You wanted to smack them over the head until they were dead. You clutched your head and walked over to your vanity. As much as you wanted to walk downstairs as you were, you had this habit of wanting to look pretty 24/7, even if you had the hangover of all hangovers. You did your hair and make up before going to your walk in closet and getting dressed.

"Knock knock." you heard. You poked your head out the door.

"Adam. Be. Very. Quiet." you said before going back into the closet and resuming getting dressed.

"You said you weren't smashed, remember? You were jussssst fine." he said teasingly. You tugged your shirt over your head and opened the door.

"Do you have a reason for annoying me right now?!" you said a little bit harsher than you meant.

"Ouch and the inner Slytherin comes out. I feel the claws." he said playfully getting up. You smiled.


"It's okay. I brought you my hangover kit." he said. He held out a murky looking potion that made you want to gag.

"What is that!"

"Potion. Drink it." he said. You drank it, and it tasted how it looked, but your headache vanished almost instantly. Then he pulled his other hand out to reveal gummie worms.

"For the taste."

"Thank you so much, Adam!" you said, taking a handful. "What was that anyway?"

"Hydrating Potion. You know that's what a hangover is, right? Drinking dehydrates you."

"I do now. Thank you for my Learn-Something-New-Everyday lesson." you said, just a hint of sarcasm. He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

"Where are you going?"

"Spending the day with the fam." he said, rolling his eyes. You waved goodbye and finished your gummie worms as you walked down the hall. You finished and looked toward Draco's bedroom. It was half-way open. You peeked inside and saw Draco laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. You bit your lip, wondering whether or not to go in. You moved forward, stopped, and knocked softly before opening the door further and stepping inside.

"Hey..." you said softly. He looked at you but didn't move.

"Come to yell at me?"

"I dunno. Are you gonna give me a reason to?"

"Did you have one last time?" he asked, sitting up.

"I.." you began. If you thought about it, you really didn't have a reason. "No."

"Why did you freak out at me?" he asked, getting up and walking to you.

"I just... I don't know really. I just had all this stuff going on in my head! And with Felicia and what Pansy said--"

"Pansy? What did she say?" he asked, surprised that Pansy was involved.

"Oh. Er... Basically that I would lose you to someone else if I didn't have sex with you. Or that you'd cheat on me. But I know that's silly now!" you said hurriedly. "I know now that it was all paranoia! I'm so so sorry Draco!" you finished. You pulled him into a hug and he slowly put his arms around you.

"Yeah. Paranoia."

*    *    *    *


Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.

That's what ran through your mind all day. Shit. Because that's what you were in. You couldn't believe yourself. You just stared up at the ceiling. You heard a soft knock on the door. It wasn't Felicia like you assumed. It was Andy. Andy was coming in to talk to you finally, and you had to tell her what you had done.

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