Chapter 7

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After taking their seats and placing their bags either on the floor or the desk the two looked at each other. Dmitry was the first to say something.

"You speak Russian."

 Reana only shrugged, "Not as well as you. Just another language Dad had us studying."

 "You keep saying us. Who are you talking about?"

 "Oh, my sisters."

 "I have brothers too. I'm the baby though."

 "My sisters and I are the babies."

 Dmitry frowned not understanding what Reana was saying, "How can you and your sisters be the babies?"

 Reana smirked when she realized he didn't understand what she was saying, "My sisters and I are triplets."

 He's jaw dropped as he finally processed it, "I didn't even think of that." He then looked over her shoulder and saw the heated glare she was getting. "If a person could be killed by glares you'd be dead by now."

 "Yeah, but are you sure it's meant for me?" She asked without turning around. Dmitry looked at her with an arched brow. Reana nodded to the window, "I could see her reflection."

 Dmitry turned and saw that Reana was right, "I'm pretty sure the glare is meant for you." He said as he turned back around to face her.

 All Reana did was shrug. As much as she didn't like talking to anyone she knew she had to maintain the image of the outgoing New Girl. But there were things she needed to know. Things that shouldn't be asked, as of yet.

 "I heard of three girls that come in today with the Cornells. I'm guessing it was you and your sisters, what's up with that?" He asked.

 Dmitry knew all about the Cornells, business and family wise. So the fact that three girls he didn't know walk in with them had him curious.

 "We're just friends of the family. Our parents wanted a little them time so we came here.'

 Family friends? He didn't know of any Andersons being connected to them.

 Dmitry was sure that Adreana was lying to him or that there was something more to the relation between her and her sisters to the Cornells.

 But before he could ask more in-depth question while keeping the image of a curious boy, the bell rang signaling the end of the period.

 He picked up his bag as Reana did the same and walked with her through the door. When he got out he saw two other girls there. He assumed they were there for their class.

 "You okay to walk to your next class?" He asked.

 "Yeah my sister are here. We have next period in the same area."

 He looked around the hallway, "Where are your clones? I don't see them." All he saw were the two girls looking at him and smiling.

 Reana too smiled, "We're not identical."

 Dmitry looked at her, then he heard a voice next to him, "We're fraternal triplets."

 He turned and saw that the two girls that had stood across the hallway stood next to him.

 "Rina." Said the one holding a skateboard.

 "And I'm Rose." The redhead said.

 They looked nothing alike; these girls. The only thing that would pin them as related were the facial structure and smiles. They had different eye and hair color. And the hair did look natural.

 Dmitry shrugged, "I guess you're in good hands now. Try not to get lost again, okay?" He teased before turning around.

 The girls themselves started to walk away.

 "Who was he?" Rose asked.

 "Dmitry Yeshevsky." Reana answered.

 "Ugh, Russian. Manipulative bastards." Rina snarled.

 "Not all of them are." Reana stopped walking and looked at the floor, studying. "But there is one thing that is bothering me."

 "What is it?"

 "He found me in a building. He said it was the teachers building."

 Rose frowned, "That building is off limits to students. You're new so I don't think it'll be a big problem to them."

 The girls turned and looked down the hallway Dmitry had went.

 "So the question is, why was he there?"


 Physics class was a bore for Reana. She had Mark, Phillip and Lucas in her class but she didn't care. They were alright but she didn't know them like that.

 At the end of that class Rina and Rose met her outside the building and pointed out the Math building. Thankfully it was next door and she made it to the right class room with a few minutes to spare. There is the back of the classroom was a familiar face. Reana walked closer to see if she was right and she was.

 Lily sat there talking to the boy that sat next to her. Her burnet hair was recognizable. Though her mother was blond and father had black hair is was known that Lily had gotten her hair color for the family gene. Sometimes, when together, Reana and Lily were mistaken as sisters, because they had the same hair and eye color.

 "Lily Cornell." Reana said when she stood right behind her.

 Lily turned at her name frowning then smiled when she saw who it was that called her, "Adreana Anderson." At Reana's arched brow Lily explain that her brother, Henry, had already filled her in.

 "Well look at you, do I not get a hug after I haven't seen you in years?" Reana asked. Lily sprouted a huge grin and jumped out her seat and into Reana's waiting arms.

 They hugged and laughed before the bell rand but when it did they parted and Reana seat in the vacant seat behind Lily.

 "¿Como é o primeiro dia até agora?" (How's the first day so far?) Lily whispered in Portuguese.

 "Está tudo bem. Conheci poucas pessoas." (It's alright. I met very few people.) Reana whispered back as she kept her eyes on the teacher who introduced himself as Mr. Butler.

 "Bem, estás prestes a conhecer outra pessoa." (Well you're about to meet another person.) Lily said then slapped the arm of the boy she was talking to earlier. "Ben, deixe-me apresentá-lo a Andrade Cardoso. Reana, este é um dos meus melhores amigos, Benny." (Ben, let me introduce you to Adreana. Reana, this is one of my best buds, Benny.)

 "Bem-vindo ao inferno." (Welcome to hell.) He smirked then turned back to the front.

 "Oi Lily, diga-me sobre o professor." (Hey Lily, tell me about the teacher.)

 Lily shock her head, "Não posso fazer isso. Nunca vi o homem antes." (I can't do that. Never seen the man before.)

 So he was a new teacher? Reana thought as the teacher made direct eye contact with her. She arched a brow at him when that contact lasted more than five seconds.

He was one of the men that was studying Reana and her sister at Starbucks.

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