Chapter 5

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 It wasn't until around eight that the girls returned to the house. Dinner was made and set on the table buffet style like earlier on that morning. When they had their plates, the girls went to the back porch to eat, but it turned out to be occupied. They tried to leave before they were noticed except that didn't go as planned.

 Just when they turn and walk away, Fiorella looked over to their direction and her face seemed to light up when she saw them.

 "Girls, you're back!" She said and waved them over, "Come sit with us, we were just talking about you."

 There was a girl that was sitting next to their aunt who looked at Fiorella with an expression that proved that the Anderson triplets were not the topic of their conversation.

 The girls looked at each other before shrugging and walked over to the table. Isaac, who was also there, had placed three chairs between himself and Fiorella.

 As soon as they settled into their seats, Fiorella drilled them with questions, asking where they've been and what they did. The girls' answers were vague, something Fiorella didn't like, she wanted straight answers, but she controlled her urge and made do with what they were giving her.

 "So girls, are you ready for school?" She asked to change the subject.

 The triplets looked at her, "What?"

 "Your senior year of high school; you three will be starting tomorrow."

 "What?" The triplet repeated after a pause in the same confused tone.

 The girl that was there who sat silently before the triplet started clapping in joy, "Finally some girls to travel with. Being the only girl in that car is like totally horrendous."

 The girls looked at the girl, "And you are?" Rose asked.

 "Oh Yeah, so my name's Stella Brown. I'm Isaac's daughter and Fiorella's niece." She answered.

 "Are you, now?" Rosa asked, while the other two said, "You're who?"

 "Yeah, like I'm her only niece."

 The three girls head snapped and looked accusingly to their aunt, who suddenly had an interest in her backyard, not responding to what Stella had said.

 "And how exactly are you her niece?" Rina asked.

 "Well, you see my father is like a brother to her and that technically kinda makes me her niece."

  "Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, technically." The triplets replied simultaneously.

 With that the girls picked up their plates, said their leave and headed towards the kitchen before retiring to their rooms.




 "Um, Rose? Wasn't that your phone?" Rina asked with her head under her pillow.

 "Yeah, but I really don't care at the moment," mumble Rose, whose head was on her pillow trying to get back to sleep.

 "But your phone is most likely broken."

 "And I don't care. I can fix it, it needs an upgrade anyway."

 "Why do you have an alarm on anyway?"

 Groaning, Reana reluctantly got out of her bed and headed to the bathroom, "We have school today, remember?" Then she closed the door. The girls groan in return finally remembering that today was the first day to their senior year.

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