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Sirius heard word of Remus inviting me to Gryffindors game night and was quick to drag me along.

Apparently it happened every 15th of the month. It consisted of all different types of games and had been a monthly tradition since the turn of the century.

It was 7pm and Sirius had just dragged me through the portrait door - very quickly might I add.

It seemed as though most people were already there because the common room was filled with all different Gryffindors from different year groups.

He pulled me to the centre where the other marauders were, I saw Lily Evans and she gave me a warm smile.

Sirius let go of my wrist and stepped up into the coffee table, increasing his already tall height so that everyone could see him.

"Welcome everyone!" He exclaimed, grabbing everyone's attention.

I could see Remus roll his eyes at him, across from me.

"Sirius! The prefects are meant to start everything." Lily pulled him down.

He jumped down on the other side, leaving me alone and sat down, paying no mind to me.

Once the prefects had explained the events of the night mostly everyone sat down - including me.

The first game we were to play was Exploding Snap, it was a regular game of snap but the cards would explode randomly - it can actually get quite dangerous.

Being skilful with a deck of cards - pureblood usually are, it's a popular game in the poorblood community - but also valuing my eyebrows and lashes, I decided to opt out of the game and just watch.

It was fun seeing James get burns on his fingers and hearing Lily's laughs.

Hours seemed to fly by and before long we were playing a game I'd never heard of called 'never have I ever'.

"It's a muggle game." Sirius directed in my direction.

My face fell, "I think I'll sit this one out..." I told him.

"What?" James asked, words slightly slurred, "too good for muggle games? Eh?"

My face went red as some surrounding Gryffindors watched the interaction.

"Just one game?" Sirius smiled. I nodded.

He explained to rules to me; you hold ten fingers up and each person has a turn saying something they haven't done that another person possibly has, the person with the most fingers held up wins. If all of your fingers are down you have to take a shot of Firewhiskey.

"Never have I ever..." a brunette girl started off, I learnt her name was Marlene, "been caught skiving off."

A handful of students put their fingers down, including all of the marauders.

The game continued, I still had all ten fingeres up when most people were on five to seven.

Lily thought for a moment, "never have I ever drank."

"Boo." Sirius rolled his eyes, "that's boring. What type of a question is that ey?" Sirius laughed, nudging me in my side.

I kept all five fingers up, hoping no one would notice, sadly one did.

"God you're such a priss, Jones." James sighed, slumped back in his chair.

Once again, most eyes were on me, "as if you've never drank." Sirius laughed.

"Let her be." Remus came to my defense, Remus.

"Is it like a religious this? Or something?" Sirius asked me.

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