Side story:Astor

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Deep in the heart of atlas a man in a cloak sits in a alleyway with a ouija board trying desperately to get a response as his job of fortune telling has been losing a lot of money and he was now desperate to get a answer but soon a whisper is heard of man and a purple mist clouds him and the cursor on the board moves spelling out "What do you want?"

Man:I wish for fame and wealth..

Soon the cursor moves spelling out "Those are meaning less...put your hand on your crystal ball..."

The man soon touched his crystal ball and he was struck with visions of a age of destruction and doom but most importantly..power...such power this being speaking to him.

Man:Power.... I want power!

Soon laughter is heard around him as the purple mist absorbs him and his crystal ball and soon the mist clears and the man stood with a device in his hands and now has a deathly pale skin.

Voice:Rise my champion!Rise my prophet of doom! Rise Astor!

Voice:Rise my champion!Rise my prophet of doom! Rise Astor!

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Astor:My lord. What is your bidding...

Soon Astor hears a voice in his head.

Astor POV: I awaited my masters orders as I feel the power he holds flowing through me as I project the stars signs while I hold this gift my master has given me in my hands.

Y/N:Begin corrupting the city to weaken it for my eventual arrival. Beware since my awakening in vale has put atlas and every other kingdom on high alert and I detect a very strong being connected to the elements residing in that kingdom should they show themselves prove yourself worthy of my blessing and take that power for yourself and you will have truly earned my trust.

Astor:As you wish...

I soon leave my home and begin projecting my master will onto everything nearby as civilians become corrupted by my masters power.

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