My Georgia Peaches - Phrenetic Ice

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Introduction: Three underage female runaways and one lonely rancher HAS to be an interesting combination,

Author's Note:

In April 2004, author "BVRETR" submitted an excellent story to a now defunct erotic website entitled "My Georgia Peaches." In the absence of any further submission, not only did I subsequently wonder myself what became of these girls, readers of Harper Valley actually contacted me and asked if I would write a concluding episode for them. The problem of course inherent in attempting to do that, is the differing writing styles which put at risk the credibility of the stories. With "Unskinned" I kept it very short and simply moved things along marginally.

Subsequently, the series became extremely popular on several sites, unraveling to a sixth chapter in 2007. Only time and opportunity have conspired to prevent me from completing a seventh. The saga is far from over. Presented here on XNXX are simply the second and third episodes.

All that first-time readers need to know at this juncture, is that Bill, a thirty-six year old single rancher in Texas has rescued three young girls from an auto-wreck. Tracy fifteen, Mandy thirteen and their little sister Mary, ten. Opportunity has gotten the better of Bill's common-sense and he has just taken little Mandy way beyond the realms of a conventional good night kiss.



Not every day a single thirty-six year old man "inherits" three under-age female dependents. Might sound like the stuff of dreams - Aladdin cums to the party as it were, but the reality is something vastly different, let me tell you.

For a while I lay there in a semi-stupor. "Let me get this right" I rationalised. I had just sexually entertained a thirteen-year old girl by drenching her in cum from head to foot. Fun certainly, but what happened to chivalry, the rights of an undoubted child, a normal bed-time story? I could always plead the fifth of course, but then I was left with something that no defense attorney could break down - my conscience! I castigated myself for not thinking things through a little better.

I scooped up the little red-haired moppet, kissed her softly, which had her stirring slightly, and took her back to her bed. Checked on Mary - she of the incredibly well sculptured little rear-end, and drew the quilt up a little. No girl that age should be doing for me what she was....especially asleep!

One thing I had figured, their wrecked car had to be gotten clean out of sight of any would-be-interested third party that might be calling around. Last thing we needed was some highway patrol officer with nothing much else to do 'cept ask questions fronting up and checking out the garage.

At 6. I gently shook Tracy.

"Listen sweetie, look after your sisters for a while ok? Just gonna move your car somewhere well out of sight. Half asleep, she kinda got the gist of the conversation and muttered what sounded like "Yeah, OK," Ten seconds later she was out to it.

Although the rain had eased up, out-back was a quagmire and I really didn't want to spend too much time rigging up the tow. The Duster....damn, hadn't seen one of those old crates since Spielberg's DUEL, had sustained some front end damage but nothing too serious. For a rig like my Ford 450 it wasn't even a challenge. Slip-sliding over to where Tom had dropped it, I roped up the steering so she wouldn't move and hauled ass to an old empty barn the far side of the property that was the ideal spot for the de-commissioned auto and having gotten her up to the double doors I had but to loosen her ropes and push her in. Easy peasy!

If there's one thing you can be sure motivates young girls this age, its hunger. By seven thirty, give or take a yawn, it was "happy hour" so far as the grill was concerned. Eggs, any which way, bacon rashers, the odd sausage. Even the hotcakes got a work-out. It was time for a press conference.

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