( chapter three. )

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  ANDREA FELT ANNOYANCE COURSE through her as the sound of her phone ringing from her bedside was heard. She buried her head beneath her pillow, desperate for just a minute longer of sleep. She clung to what was left of her slumber, but found that the ringing of an incoming call wouldn't let her fall back to bed. In that moment, never before had the Jones woman been more tempted to throw her device at the wall.

  But, by some God-given miracle, the female managed to refrain.

  Rather than giving in to her anger, Andy reached towards her nightstand and answered the phone with a string of incoherent profanities leaving her lips. Who in their right mind would her wake up at such ungodly hours? "Make it a good reason." The brunette seethed through her teeth, tone menacing and─ breath smelling disgusting, the female thought with the scrunch of her nose.

  "Good morning to you too, sunshine." The female sighed at the sound of Steve's voice chuckling from the other end of the call. Rubbing her eyes, the female allowed a yawn to escape her lips. Her annoyance was eased with the knowledge that it was only him, but she was still irritated by the awakening.

  "What in the fresh hell, Steve. I'm not sure if your memory has suddenly gone haywire, but I, for one, distinctly remember what happened the last time you woke me up and I won't hesitate to do it again." The female told him, though her tone was the least bit threatening. Steve only laughed and, at the sound, the Jones woman allowed a small smile to spread across her lips.

  It was common knowledge that Andrea was the textbook definition of not a morning person. "Yes, Andy, I remember─ God knows you'd never let me forget. But, I, for one, recall you saying that you wanted to go for a run with me. Hurry up, I'm making breakfast now." The Roger's man replied. The female sighed before she reluctantly pulled herself out of bed.

  "Ooh, better watch out, Rogers. You don't want to burn down the house." Andy teased before she hung up and began getting ready. After brushing her teeth, the female looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes followed the movements of her hands as she tied her hair into ponytail. She would need to keep it out of her face if she was going to be running.

  After she was done, the female couldn't help but pause for a second. Her gaze stared at the person looking back at her. For a moment, she couldn't help but feel a certain disconnect with whoever was looking back at her. It was as if the Jones woman wasn't seeing herself, like this girl before her was a mere facade.

  Was this really her? Andrea leaned in close, so close her breath fogged the mirror as she stared into her own reflection. Then, she shook her head, letting out a breathy laugh at her own idiotic actions. She was being foolish.

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