Intoxicated Seto x suicidal!reader

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OH MER GERD SO MANY SUICIDES! but I'm okay with it.

(y/n) pov

I cried and ran out of my school. 'I'm never going back!' I screamed in my head.


"Hey dirt bag." (b/n) said walking up to me. "Has your father come home yet?" She teased. I teared up, He left Me and my mom when i was seven. I ignored her and slammed my locker shut. "HEY! Are you listening freak?" Her little group showed up and blocked my way. "Why don't you run off with your boyfriend? Or did you you get another one?" I snarled. She looked shocked, Then she smirked, "Why don't I call my boyfriend? He'll knock some sense into you." 'I'm dead.' I thought as she called him over. "You'll regret saying that." He said cracking his knuckles. He walked up to me but I stood my ground. He smirked and punched me in the mouth. Before I could react he slammed me into the lockers. He punched me in the eye, leaving a bruise. He threw me to the ground and kicked me a few times. He turned to leave, but before he did he said, "Why don't you kill your self? No one will care. You own father didn't." When they left i got up and ran to the door.


I ran to the woods. once I was deep enough I slowed to a walk. 'I will.' I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed the familiar rectangle object. I slid it across my arms. " 1 for my dad. 2 for no friends. 3 for the bullies." I sliced my arm more then 15 times. Before I could slice it deep enough to kill me i heard a branch crack behind me. I whipped around to see a boy, can you even call it a person? He wore a strange hooded out fit that glowed neon green at some parts and the rest were black. He had pure neon green glowing eyes. The part that disturbed me most was his tonghe, it was the same neon glowing green, was extremely long and did i mention it was glowing? He was grining and had an evil glint in his eyes. I was terrified. I stood up and backed away. His grin grew bigger and he stepped forward. I freaked out and took off running. I heard him laugh and then he started running after me. I ran as fast as i could. I wanted to die but not to this! I ran and ran. I looked behind me and saw he was gone. I stopped and collapsed on the forest floor. I sat there gasping for air. When I could breath normally I got up and stood there for a minute. I felt arms snake around me and I was pinned against someone. I gasped and tried to get way. He giggled and held me there. "Whats a girl like you doing hurting yourself?" He asked. "I-I-I." I couldn't form words I was so scared. He giggled at my stutter. "L-Let m-me go." I managed out. "And why would I do that?" I struggled, "I- uh.." I couldn't think of an answer.looked at him, His tongue somehow fit into is mouth, no idea how. "You don't have a reason?" He smirked. He lent down to my neck. I shivered when he breathed on the skin. "Are you uncomfortable?" I blushed and tried to get away again. He giggled against my neck. I stopped struggling seeing I couldn't run. He smirked, "can't get away can you?" I looked away. He smiled, "Whats your name?" I shivered again. "(y-y/n)." I stuttered. "Well, (y/n), I'm Seto, Intoxicated Seto." I felt his grip loosen, 'Now's my chance!' I broke out of his hold and ran. I heard him growl and give chase. A branch whipped at my face and cut my cheek, (Bare with me here) I winced in pain and slowed down a bit by accident. I yelped as I was tackled to the ground. I was on my back and Seto had me pinned there. I looked up at him with fear in my eyes. He grinned. I felt a little bit of blood trickled down my cheek. Seto smirked and licked it up. I flinched and squeezed my eyes shut. He snickered. "You look so helpless." I opened my eyes, "Then go ahead. Kill me! you'll be doing me a favor." I whispered the last part looking away. "What was that?" He asked. I felt my self tear up at the memories. He got off me and pulled me in his lap. 'What?' "Why would I be doing you a favor?" His voice was soothing. "I want to die." I whispered and tried not to cry. He hugged me, "It's okay. Let it out." I held onto his shirt and cried into it. He rubbed circles on my back and whispered calming things to me. "Shhh. Calm down." I took a shaky breath and rested my head on his chest, suddenly feeling sleepy. Seto smiled and picked me up, holding me bridle style. "Sleep. I'll take care of you," I nodded and closed my eyes.

I snuggled against the warm thing beside me. 'Wait. warm?' I opened my eyes and saw that I was cuddling with a sleeping Seto. My arm was bandaged and didn't hurt anymore. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him. He smiled in his sleep and he pulled me closer. 'So this is what its like to be loved?' I thought smiling and closing my eyes.

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