Moving In

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(Ryaid’s PoV)


“Put your hands up and hand over the nuts.” I held a gun at my twin brothers neck, he stepped back and slowly handed me my shell peanuts. I smiled taking the the bag and glared at his closed hand, “And those mister.” I hissed my eyes flashing silver.

Sven handed those over too, putting them in my bag. satisfied by that I lowered the water gun, but not before spraying his forehead with the burning hot water in it.

“Hey! I gave them back you doorknob.” He complained, “Now I’m going to have to try to find another shirt before we leave.”

We heard Pater(Father) laugh as he walked in, “You know Sven you should already know not to touch his peanuts.”

“Yeah! They’re miiinneee!”

Sven smirked, “Sure they are,” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Sven why is your shirt wet?”Pater asked.

My twin looked down and made a high pitched whining sound, “Oh shoot I forgot about that.”

“Better go change, our plane leaves in an hour and we have to be there soon.” Pater said as Sven ran to his set aside bag then ran into our empty bathroom. “Ryaid get into the car.”

I nodded throwing my bag over my shoulder, but not before twisting the peanut bag and shoving it in my shoulder bag.

I ambled out the door, as I stepped outside the house that I’ve known for my long fifteen years. It was where my mum gave birth to my brother and I, where we grew up, and now we’re leaving.

My mutter was still alive, but our parents divorced when we were six; so I didn’t remember my mom much because she never visited us. Our Pater got full custody of Sven and myself.

We were a handful for Pater though, but he survived. We also weren’t human, so it was also difficult to handle us. Sven and I were half-wizard and half- Shifter. Why I don’t say a specific was because Sven and I could shift into each animal, but our colour never changes.

Sven and I have midnight blue eyes like our Pater’s, who we got our shifter half from, and when we are angered our eyes flash silver which as pater said is from our mother.

I climbed into an old Nissan green jeep that our Pater earned from fixing someone's car in less than an hour so we got it for nothing including the title.

Pater always told us that it is better to buy something that you can fix up brand new instead of getting something new and having to pay hundreds of dollars every month just to get it payed off including the gas.

We both agreed with Pater on that bit, plus we were raised to get things that are cheap and probably broken, but with our dad we learned how to fix them.

We were moving from Germany to America.

We knew English, but it was easier for us to speak our native language. At least for us it’s native because we’ve lived there for so long and was born there.

Our pater was born in Oregon, and lived off the coast of Seaside a little bit. pater’s parents aren’t alive anymore so in the will he got the money, house, land and everything that they owned because he was an only child and didn’t have anymore relatives. Turns out our grandparents were rich.  

Sven and Pa got in the jeep. I sat back against my seat plugging in my headphones in and blasting an american band called Blood on the Dance Floor.

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