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Chapter Five| Leona

I do not remove the sunglasses from my face when the lift doors open. I don't miss the confused look Daisy throws me.

Not only am I hiding my tired eyes but the embarrassment from last night.

"No-one and I repeat no-one from floor thirteen is allowed on this floor." I tell Daisy sternly and she nods her head.

I then make my way to Ben and throw him the harshest glare.

"What?" He holds his hands up and stares at me with wide eyes.

"You left me last night!" I exclaim. "With him!"

"Did you two have sex? Finally!" He claps his hands in excitement and I grab a pencil and throw it at his head.

"No, we did not have sex, you idiot! However we fucking kissed, Ben! This is all your fault!" I stomp my foot in frustration and groan at the memories of last night.

I'm staring at him.

While grinding on someone else.

The alcohol has really got to my head.

"You're so hot." The guy behind me leans down to whisper in my ear.

"I know I am." I say while maintaining eye contact with Dario. I can tell he's clutching his glass tightly and his jaw is clenched as he glares at me and this guy dancing together.

"Why don't we go somewhere private?" The guy suggests and I turn to look at him in disgust.

"I won't even give that guy a chance." I point back to Dario who's back has straightened. "So why the hell would I give you a chance?" I giggle and stumble away from him.

However, all the confidence leaves my body when I trip and fall onto my knees. Dario is by my side in an instant, helping me up.

He looks down at me with worry and I avoid eye contact with him.

This is really embarrassing.

But only I would continue that further embarrassment.

"My knight in shining armour from the thirteenth floor." I wink and he rolls his eyes, a small smirk on his face.

"Let's get you some water." He wraps his arms around my waist and leads me to the bar. My eyes widen when he lifts me up onto the stall.

He stays standing and opens a bottle of water before holding it up to my lips. I take a sip, keeping eye contact with him. 

"Good girl." He winks and I gulp.

He then pulls the bottle away and I jump when his thumb brushes the drop of water from my lips.

I've definitely sobered up now and I continue to stare up at him with wide eyes.

"You okay?" He raises his eyebrows and I nod my head. "You sure, princess?"

"I'm fine." I whisper over the loud music.

We continue to stare at each other and my eyes fall to his pink full lips. I feel my breathing begin to increase and we both find ourselves leaning forward.

And then it's too late because our lips touch and our tongues collide. I feel the butterflies erupt in my stomach.

Dario groans and threads his fingers through the back of my hair, pulling me closer.

I can't stop kissing him.

He tastes so good.

I only encourage it further by wrapping my arms around him and opening my legs so he can step between them.

"Okay, you two get a room." I jump back when I spot the bartender smirking at us.

Then it's like a cup of cold water has been splashed on me.

"Fuck!" I push Dario back and jump off of the stall. "This was a mistake." His face falls at my words.

"What the fuck do you mean, this was a mistake?" He growls out. "Why are you being so fucking stubborn?!" He throws his arms up in frustration and I furrow my eyebrows.

"I'm not being stubborn." I am.

I grab my clutch storming out of the club and jumping into the first taxi I can find.

"Wow." Ben stares at me in shock. "Well I can tick first kiss off my list." I watch with wide eyes as he pulls a notebook out and ticks a box.


"Sorry, babe, but I ship this too much." I huff and storm into my office.

This is not good.


"Ted has there been a delivery in my name?" I ask the receptionist of the building and he shakes his head.

"What's with the sunglasses, Miss Goodwin?" He tilts his head and I sigh, ripping them off my face, showing him my red, tired eyes.

"Rough night, Teddy." I nod. "I have a fashion show for my brand in a months time and I was meant to receive some fabrics today to look at." I groan, leaning onto the desk.

"Sorry, Leona. Nothing here." He gives me a small smile and I nod, returning the gesture.

"Thanks." I grab my sunglasses and make my way back over to the lift. I look behind me and spot Dario walking into the building, I put the glasses back on my face and frantically hit the button.

"Shit." I check to see that it's on the seventh floor.

Stairs it is.

I take another glance behind me and a sigh of relief escapes my lips knowing he hasn't seen me.

I make my way up the stairs and by the time I get to the third floor I'm out of breath.

Back to the lift it is.

It comes a lot quicker this time but my heart falls when I come face to chest with Dario. I awkwardly step in and play with my bottom lip.

The doors close and I pray that this is a quick ride.

But Dario has other ideas and hits the alarm button, making the lift stop. The lights go out and the red emergency light goes on.

"What the hell?!" I exclaim, pressing number twelve but the lift won't budge.

"We need to talk." Dario grabs my chin and turns me to face him.

Oh no.

Chapter six should be up as well, so enjoy ❤️

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