Chapter 14

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Rina's POV

What the hell?? When did Mira become so close with dumb and dumber? I was lost in thought when I realized I was staring at them.
"Since when have you three been so close?" I have to admit I'm a little jealous. I'm not good at making guy friends. I wasn't listening to Mira's answer but I didnt really care. I was lost in thought again. The bell rang and I turned and saw Mira walking away. I had transfered here at the end of last year so I know some people but not as many Mira does. I decided right then and there I was gonna change. I'm gonna work my way up the social latter of high school. That way I have a status and more ways of getting back at those D bags for trying to steal away my best friend.
(lunch time)
Both me and Mira had the same lunch time but she had to get from the top floor to the bottom floor where the cafiteria is. I just had to walk down the hall and go through the line. After I had gotten my lunch, I still didn't see Mira so I walked over to the table Shannon was sitting at . I sat down across from her. Shannon is a very popular girl. She is like the queen bee except she is really nice and everyone loves her. I knew most of the other people sitting at the table. There was Maddie, Tara , Miley, Jessica, Bella, Alexis , Tod ( Shannons boyfriend) some of his friends and another girl i dont remember. "Hey guys." I said as I looked around for Mira again. "Hi Rina! Oh this is my cousin Carly, she just transfered here." Shannon pointed to the girl i didnt know . "Hi im Rina." I said to Carly and she waved.
"Whoa. Who's that?" Maddie said to no one in particular. I turned around to Mira laughing with Jacob and Jay. They were walking over to a different table. We agreed to eat with each other today and now she was over there. What the fuck? What does she think she's doing. I turned around and looked down at my food. I wasn't really hungry any more. I looked up and caught one of Tod's friends looking at me. If Mira is going to ditch me for a guy I can too. He had dark hair and blue eyes and no pimples. He was really cute. I decided to wave to him. This could turn out to be a good thing. The lunch bell rang, telling us to go back to class.
I got up and threw my trash away. Then walked to my locker to get my books. I wasn't paying any attention to everyone around me until I closed my locker door. Someone was standing there. I let out a small scream causing some people to look at me. "Whoa. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to talk to you. My name is Matt." The guy from lunch said as he raised his hand to rub the back of his neck . "It's ok I wasn't paying attention. What class do you have next?" I asked as I absent mindedly twirled my hair around my finger.
"Uh I have Mr. Locks math class." He anwsered.
"Same. Do you want to walk together?" I asked hoping he would say yes. He did and we walked to class talking about random things. We even passed Mira and Jay in the hall. We sat next to each other when we got to class. Turns out we have a lot in common. I can't wait to see where this goes.
Mira and I had the same last class but I didn't say much to her and I could tell she was starting to get mad. We both stopped at our lockers to get our books and when I closed my locker guess who was there. I let out another small scream and the relize who it was.
"Matt. You have to stop doing that." I laughed
"But it's so much fun to see your reaction." He said laughing. I lightly punched him in the arm.
"Ow. What was that for?" He said acting like it hurt.
"Like that hurt you. I barley touched you."
"Hey rina have you seen my lip gloss?" Mira said walking up behind me.
"You should ask your new besties." I said not even looking at her.
"Well I have to go, my brother is waiting for me." Matt said looking down at his phone.
"Bye Matt." I said once again twirling my hair.
"My new besties hu?" Mira said to me.
"Yep." I said as I started walking out to my car. A blue Toyota Yaris my parents gave me for my birthday. It wasn't the nicest or newest car but It got me to where I needed to go and saved gas. Mira followed me out and got in the shotgun seat. This might be a awkward ride home.

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